Hardwired High Voltage Combination CO/Smoke Detectors

Hardwired high voltage combination CO and smoke detectors cannot be normally integrated with alarm systems. The only way to use these devices with systems is to use a wireless listening module that actively listens for the temporal 3 or 4 sounds of an activated sensor. Buy life-safety products here.
High Voltage Hardwired Smoke and CO Detector
List Price: $100.00
Our Price: $66.99

Hardwired high voltage combination CO and smoke detectors are certainly important to have in your home or business. These devices can be life-saving when used correctly. In fact, thousands of lives are saved every single year thanks to properly functioning smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors. It is super convenient to have these functions combined into one convenient sensor. And that is exactly what you get with combination carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Many of these devices also include other functions, including heat detector and freeze detection.

Hardwired high voltage combination CO and smoke detectors are 110 volt devices that require connectivity with high-voltage wiring. They are normally installed by electricians rather than self-installing DIY users. Additionally, these devices are not normally used with alarm systems, as they cannot be integrated directly. The only way to integrate one of these devices with an alarm system is indirectly through a listening module. A listening module will actively listen for the temporal 3 sound of an activated smoke detector or the temporal 4 sound of an activated carbon monoxide sensor.

Wireless takeover listening modules are great because they allow for hardwired high voltage combination CO and smoke detectors to work with alarm systems. This would be impossible otherwise. Many jurisdictions require these high-voltage devices to be installed by law. By using listening devices, you can start putting these sensors to even greater use by integrating them with your alarm system. This is the only way to receive automatic emergency dispatch from a central station when these sensors are activated. You can also receive text and/or email alerts regarding these sensors from an interactive monitoring platform like Alarm.com or Total Connect 2.0. Please note that you need an alarm monitoring plan to receive service from a central station or use Alarm.com or Total connect 2.0.

Normally if you want to start using life-safety sensors like CO detectors or smoke detectors with your alarm system, you will use devices that were designed for use with alarm systems. This can include wireless devices that communicate at a frequency compatible with your system. There are also hardwired sensors that can connect with the hardwired zone terminals on a hardwired alarm control panel. It is important to consider that hardwired high voltage combination CO and smoke detectors do not directly integrate with systems. They can also be difficult to install since you need to work with potentially dangerous high-voltage wiring. But a good thing about an interconnected network of high voltage smoke detectors and CO devices is that they are usually one-go-all-go. This means that if one sensor on the network is activated, all of the other sensors on that same network will activate as well.

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