Why is Total Connect 2.0 Showing the Incorrect Life-Safety Alarm for My VISTA-128BPT?

Total Connect 2.0 is showing the incorrect life-safety alarm for your VISTA-128BPT due to an error that affects any VISTA-128BPT Alarm System running Firmware Version 11.4 or lower, with the 2*22 option enabled. The 2*22 option is for the display of fire alarms on other partitions.

Honeywell vista 128bpt pcb commercial alarm control panel

If a fire alarm occurs on any Partition 2 thru 8 on a VISTA-128BPT running FW 11.4 or lower with the 2*22 option enabled, then Total Connect 2.0 will display a CO alarm instead of a fire alarm. This is caused by an error in data transmission, where a fire alarm on one partition is misinterpreted as a CO alarm for the other partitions. This can result in confusion, as the emergency response for a CO outbreak is typically different than the response for a fire.

There are a few different ways to overcome this issue. The best option is to upgrade your VISTA-128BPT System to a higher Firmware Version. You can check the Firmware Version for a VISTA-128BPT System by checking the panel's PROM Chip. The PROM Chip is found underneath the large silver plate cover inside the panel's metal cabinet. You will need a screwdriver to remove the plate cover. If you see that the system is running 10.0 to 11.4, then the upgrade is needed to fix the issue. Please note that VISTA-128BPT PROM Chip upgrades are not sold by Alarm Grid. You will need to contact your monitoring company to get an upgrade. If you are monitored by Alarm Grid, then you can email us at support@alarmgrid.com to inquire about getting the latest PROM Chip for a Honeywell VISTA-128BPT.

There is a set process to follow for replacing a VISTA-128BPT PROM Chip. First, you should power down the system. To do this, disconnect the backup battery and unplug the transformer. Then go to the panel, and remove the silver plate cover. The metal end of a blinder clip can be used to carefully pry up the old PROM Chip at both ends. The new PROM Chip can be applied by lining it up with the slot and pressing straight down. You must be very careful not to bend any of the prongs for the PROM Chip. Finish by powering the system back on. It is recommended that you plug-in the transformer before reconnecting the backup battery.

Another option for overcoming this issue is to just disable the 2*22 option for Partition 1. Remember that the 2*22 programming field is named Display Fire Alarms of Other Partitions. If you disable this option, then Total Connect 2.0 will not display a CO alarm for Partition 1 when a fire alarm occurs on the other system partitions. While this solves the issue for Total Connect 2.0 showing an erroneous message, it also means that the Partition 1 keypads at the panel will not display Fire or CO alarms of other partitions. Please see the VISTA-128BPT Programming Guide for more information on disabling this option.

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