High Voltage Wired CO Detectors

High voltage wired CO detectors provide reliable detection for potentially lethal carbon monoxide gas. These devices are set up in a high voltage network that can't be directly integrated with a security system. However, there are ways to integrate these sensors. Buy high voltage wired CO detectors.
High Voltage Hardwired Smoke and CO Detector
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High Voltage Hardwired Smoke and CO Detector
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Adding CO detectors to your home or business is very important. You want reliable carbon monoxide detectors in case an outbreak occurs in your home. Carbon monoxide gas is odorless and tasteless. The only real way to detect a CO outbreak before people start getting sick is with a CO detector. We recommend that every user installs these devices in their homes and businesses to keep building occupants safe.

Most outbreaks of carbon monoxide gas occur in the winter months when heaters are used to warm up buildings. A malfunctioning heater can lead to an outbreak of CO gas, especially if it is an older model. Outbreaks may also be caused by broken cooking appliances or automobiles left running in enclosed areas for extended periods of times. There are also common sense safety practices, like avoiding the use of charcoal grills in indoor environments.

There are many types of carbon monoxide detectors available. The devices listed on this page are all high voltage wired carbon monoxide sensors. These sensors are set up in an interconnected high voltage network. These devices usually use a one-go-all-go setup where if one sensor activates, the other devices on the network will also activate. The downside to high voltage wired carbon monoxide sensors is that they cannot be integrated directly with alarm systems.

If you want wired CO detectors that can be used with hardwired alarm panels, then you will want to go with low voltage 2-wire or 4-wire carbon monoxide sensors inside. These devices can connect with a panel for data and power transmission. Please note that 4-wire detectors will require additional equipment like a relay, a backup battery and more. As for 2-wire CO sensors, these devices are easier to integrate, but they require a special zone that can automatically reset the device when the CO alarm is cleared.

However, if you do have high voltage wired CO detectors, then there is a way to indirectly integrate them with a security system. This is done using a takeover listening module, such as the Encore FireFighter FF-345. This listening module will actively listen for the unique temporal 4 sound of a carbon monoxide sensor. If the device detects this sound, then it will alert the system. If the sensors are on a one-go-all-go network, then you can use one listening module to takeover the entire network. If one sensor activates, the others will as well. No matter which sensor activates first, the listening module will hear it. This will then ensure that the system is alerted. Please note that you must make sure the listening module communicates at a frequency compatible with the panel.

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