Wireless Ceiling-Mount Motion Detectors

Wireless ceiling-mount motion detectors are useful if you want to detect movement in a particular section in a room, or outside of a doorway. These wireless motion sensors offer a unique coverage pattern that is different from a standard motion sensor. Buy wireless ceiling-mount motion sensors here.
DSC PG9862
PowerG 915MHz Wireless Ceiling-Mount 360° Motion Detector
List Price:
Our Price: $79.99
DSC PG9872
PowerG Wireless Long-Range Ceiling-Mount 360° PIR Motion Detector
List Price:
Our Price: $96.99
Optex WFX-360IX
Wireless 360 Degrees PIR Motion Detector for Interlogix Systems
List Price: $200.00
Our Price: $131.29
Optex WFX-360HW - Wireless 360 Degrees PIR Motion Detector, Honeywell 5800 Compatible
Optex WFX-360HW
Wireless 360 Degrees PIR Motion Detector, Honeywell 5800 Compatible
List Price: $172.00
Our Price: $113.09
Optex WFX-360DS
Wireless 360 Degrees PIR Motion Detector for DSC Systems
List Price: $164.00
Our Price: $107.99
Optex WFX-3602G
Wireless 360 Degrees PIR Motion Detector for 2GIG Systems
List Price: $172.00
Our Price: $113.09

If you want to have your system detect movement only in a certain section of a room, then a wireless ceiling-mount motion detector might be the ideal solution for you. These devices have a 360-degree coverage pattern, and they are designed to look downwards. That is why mounting them on the ceiling in usually the best option. Most wireless ceiling-mount motion sensors have a recommended mounting height that allows you to achieve an optimal coverage area. Mounting the 360-degree motion too low can reduce the coverage area. Mounting it too high can prevent it from detecting movement below. Of course, you cannot easily change the height of your ceiling. But you might want to measure and make sure the area is suitable for a ceiling-mount motion detecting sensor.

As the name 360-degree motion sensor implies, these ceiling-mount motion sensor have a 360 degree coverage pattern. This is very useful for reliably detecting any movement that may occur below. The typical mounting height for a ceiling-mount motion sensor is between 8 and 12 feet high. Keep this in mind when planning an installation. A great application for a wireless ceiling-mount motion sensor is to place one outside of a doorway. This way, the sensor can detect whenever someone comes or goes from the room. Meanwhile, your system won't respond to movement that occurs in the rest of the room. For some users, this is an optimal setup. It can be particularly useful for users who are experiencing false alarms in other parts of the room due to movement from a ceiling fan or curtains.

The typical ceiling-mount motion sensor will use passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect movement. This is the same principle used by standard motion detecting sensors. A PIR sensor will look for changes in infrared (IR) energy that occur with movement. Every person and object gives off a very small amount of IR energy. A small change in IR energy will occur when a person or object comes into a motion sensor's field of view. A PIR motion sensor is able to detect this change and will alert the security system when such movement is detected. This is a very reliable method for detecting movement, and it ensures that the system takes proper action upon detecting an intrusion event.

The ceiling-mount motion sensors shown here are all wireless devices. In other words, they communicate with the system wirelessly. This makes these sensors easier to install, as you do not have to run wires from the panel to the motion sensor. All you need to do is mount the sensor to the ceiling and program it to the system. And since many of these sensors can be securely mounted with double-sided foam tape, you can often do this without having to drill holes in the ceiling. You should perform a walk test after installation to ensure that the device can detect movement successfully from its location.

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