Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 VISTA Partition Control

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Document Transcript

Total Connect® Remote Services
Manage Security, Access Control, and User Management

with Honeywell Total Connect VISTA® Partitions Control Is in Your Hands
Security isn’t one-size-fits-all. It needs to be flexible to fit your specific needs.
Honeywell Total Connect VISTA® Partition support puts you in control, letting you
choose who can go where and know at what time. Have a stockroom that should be
blocked off from your employees? Now you can remotely control independent areas
with partition control from the palm of your hand. Whether it’s for your home office or
inside your commercial building, control it all with one app, whenever and wherever
you want. Upgrade with Ease
If these features interest you, there’s no new hardware
or installation needed. If VISTA partitions are
programmed in your security panel, it will appear in your
Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 settings.
Secure Certain Areas of a Home Office

or Multi-Dwelling
Just like for businesses, partitions can also help at
home. Is your business office downstairs? Grant
user control to employees for downstairs, and family
members for upstairs. Renting? You can securely
separate the rental portion of your home and assign
control to a renter for only their portion of

the property.
Allow or Restrict Access
Don’t want some of your employees to have access to
risky or high-profile areas? Allow specific users to only
arm a select area, but not disarm it. Simply go to the
user details to check their access and permissions,
providing your business and employees with a higher
level of protection.
Get Alerts on Your Mobile Device
Receive personalized, real-time alerts on partition
activity so you know the exact moment something
happens. You determine what partitions you want to
receive alerts on and the specific times.
Remote Disarm
This Honeywell-exclusive feature lets you restrict
remote users so they can’t remotely disarm a partition.
This prevents an accidental disarming in a high-profile
area, such as a server room when using the global
disarm feature.
Global Remote Control – From Anywhere
With global remote control, you can arm or disarm all
partitions at the same time, and more, from your iOS or
Android device, or directly through the website.
Partition Manager
Want another user to have access to partition settings?
Just set up a partition manager that has authority to
activate and edit partition settings.
Remotely control security for
up to eight VISTA partitions -
anytime, anywhere.
Name Partitions
Remotely name each partition for personalization. Your
partition name will show up on events and notifications
making it easier to identify where events occur. Some images are for illustrative
purposes only and may be
subject to change.
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of their respective owners.
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Honeywell Security
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Control partition settings
including name, configuration,
and remote disarm feature
Stay in the

know by receiving
alerts on partition
Identify and

manage duplicate

user codes
View and

control common

user control

per partition
Remotely view a

fire partition
Easily filter

event activity
Honeywell Total Connect Partitions Provide More Capabilities and Control