Lyric Firmware Enhancement for Skybell Integration

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Document Transcript

Security and Home Control

Controller Firmware Enhancements
How to Program the Lyric Controller for Video Doorbells (SkyBell

Full-time internet connection with at least 1.5Mbps upload speed.

Router to which the Video Doorbell is connected must operate at 2.4GHz and support B/G mode.

Lyric Controller with firmware revision 01.03.06583.482 or later.
After the Skybell is connected to the premises Wi-Fi® network.
1. Configuring the Video Doorbell for use with the Lyric Controller.
a. Using the smart device browser (or PC with IE 10.0 or higher), go to:
b. Enter access code:
c. Enter Video Doorbell serial number: XXXXXXXXXX
(serial number located on the label on the back of the doorbell)
d. Select
Displays “Success! The SkyBell has successfully been updated with the Lyric Panel configuration.” Exit the website.
The doorbell is now ready to be added to the Lyric Controller.
2. Adding the Video Doorbell to the Lyric Controller.
From the Lyric Controller touchscreen, select the SkyBell Setup option:
Security>Tools>User Code> (2nd page) >SkyBell Setup
b. The Controller displays,
“To enroll a Doorbell, press a button on that Doorbell.”
Go to the doorbell and press its button.
“Please select a description for doorbell”
to assign the desired descriptor, and to select the desired chime sound
played at the controller when the doorbell is pressed.
d. Press
The doorbell name and serial number appears on the Lyric screen. Video Doorbell is now ready to be used.
If the message
“Please select a description for doorbell”
does not appear, repeat steps 2 and 3.
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