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The SkyBell DBCAM-WMK is a wedge mount kit designed for use with round-style doorbell cameras from SkyBell. The device will allow different detection areas to be used with the camera. It will also angle the camera upwards for improved viewing. Buy the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK from Alarm Grid.
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The SkyBell DBCAM-WMK Wedge Mount Kit allows a user to adjust the viewing angle of their SkyBell Video Doorbell. It is compatible with both the SkyBell DBCAM (Total Connect 2.0) and ADC-VDB101 ( models. The wedge mount is perfect for adjusting the detection area of the doorbell.

The wedge mount is positioned between the smart doorbell and the wall. The accessory will tilt the viewing angle of the doorbell upward so that the user can get a better view of the person at their door. This can be especially important when replacing older-style doorbells that may have been mounted at a particularly low height. Please note that this accessory is only compatible with the round-style doorbells from SkyBell. It will not work with the TRIM models, like the DBCAM-TRIM and ADC-VDB105. Alarm Grid offers a different wedge mount kit for these models.

Brand: SkyBell

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List Price: $266.00
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Great Accessory
Submitted on 10/02/2020 Alarm Grid

The SkyBell DBCAM-WMK is a wedge mount kit accessory that repositions the viewing angle of a round SkyBell Video Doorbell Camera. It is for the round SkyBell Cameras only. These include the SkyBell DBCAM for the SkyBell App and Total Connect 2.0, as well as the SkyBell ADC-VDB101 and ADC-VDB102 for use with The SkyBell DBCAM-WMK cannot be used with the slimline SkyBell models, those being the SkyBell DBCAM-TRIM and the SkyBell ADC-VDB105 and ADC-VDB106. The SkyBell DBCAM-WMK Wedge Mount Kit goes between the SkyBell Video Doorbell and the wall, and it tilts the camera upward. While this isn't the flashiest or most innovative accessory out there, the wedge mount can come in handy if you want your SkyBell Camera to capture activity at an upward angle. We give the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK a 5-Star rating.

There are some key things to like about the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK. For one, it adjusts the viewing angle of a round SkyBell Camera as advertised. This can be very helpful if the doorbell camera is mounted rather low, which many doorbell cameras are. Remember that doorbell cameras typically replace existing doorbells. And since doorbells are usually mounted at about shoulder height, a doorbell camera replacement may have a difficult time capturing a person's face. We have also found that the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK keeps the camera nice and secure, and the camera shouldn't shake or rattle when being used. Lastly, we like the fact that the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK has a good build-quality, and it doesn't feel cheap or flimsy.

There are not many downsides for the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK. It is for round SkyBell devices only, which does limit how it can be used. Also, it needs to be installed, which is a minor inconvenience. But these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from rating the SkyBell DBCAM-WMK as a 5-Star product.

Good: Adjusts Viewing Angle, Keeps Camera Secure, Good Build Quality

Bad: For Round SkyBell Only, Must be Installed

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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