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The 2GIG BATTERY-GC3 is the backup battery for a 2GIG GC3 Alarm System. This battery keeps the system powered if the transformer is unplugged or if the electricity goes out. The battery needs to be replaced every few years with a new one. Buy the 2GIG BATTERY-GC3 here.
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If you need a new backup battery for a 2GIG GC3 System, then the 2GIG BATTERY-GC3 is the solution for you. This battery will keep the system running in case the transformer is unplugged or if the electricity ever goes out. This is a lithium-polymer battery with 3.7V, 2500 mAh of power.

When the system is running on AC power, the backup battery will be slowly storing power. This way, it will be ready as soon as a power outage occurs. The system will switch over to the battery backup and remain running. The backup battery will temporarily keep the system running until it runs out of power. At that point, the system will power down completely.

Eventually, the backup battery will no longer be able to store a charge. This usually happens after about three to five years. Once this happens, the old battery will need to be replaced with a new one that can store a sufficient charge. A user can purchase this backup battery, open up their GC3 Panel, swap out the batteries and close the panel.

Note: This battery is designed to provide the GC3 System with 24 hours of backup power.

Brand: 2GIG

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