720P HD Indoor Camera with Night Vision

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The 2GIG CAM-HD100 is a 720P HD indoor camera with night capabilities. There is a built-in PIR motion detector and IR illuminator for nig...
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The 2GIG CAM-HD100 is a 720P HD indoor camera with night capabilities. There is a built-in PIR motion detector and IR illuminator for night vision. Both of these technologies has a maximum range of 5 meters. The camera is designed for remote access and cloud storage using Alarm.com. Also, it is ethernet (10/100Mbps) and WIFI ready.

Traditionally, IP cameras that support WIFI require a WPS (WIFI Protected Setup) button on the WIFI router for internet configuration. Although the camera supports WPS WIFI enrollment, it does not require it. The camera can be temporarily hardwired via ethernet to the WIFI router. Using a PC, you can configure the camera for WIFI configuration. After it is setup for WIFI via the alarm.com website, you can remove the ethernet cable.

The CAM-HD100 will stream video via the WIFI network, it still requires a wired power connection. There is an included 12VDC 1A power supply with a male DC plug which connects to the camera's power port. If you need to extend the power cable it is recommended that you use 18 gauge stranded cabling with cleanly crimped connections. The LED on the front of the camera should be solid green when in normal operation. The LED will blink red when there are connectivity issues with the network. During the WPS pairing process, the LED should be blinking yellow. Lastly, during the initial boot up sequence the LED is solid yellow.

Brand: 2GIG

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Unfortunately, the 2Gig systems don't allow for the local video viewing so you could certainly use 3rd party cameras as a supplementary system to the alarm system. Getting the 2Gig/Alarm.com cameras would only provide you with one integrated app for security and video.
Hmmmmm, that's gonna make things difficult. I had really hoped to use the existing cams I have. However, at least I know which tier level to get once I get the @&$! cellular card installed properly (a whole nother issue). Thanks for the reply! Oh, I know this may be a shot in the dark, but if I did decide to get the 2Gig/Alarm.com cams, would I be able to see the feed on the console like the Honeywell units? I thought this was a pretty neat (and very convenient) feature. If not, what are the benefits of purchasing the 2Gig/Alarm.com cams other than I can incorporate them into the monitoring service?
You would need 2Gig or Alarm.com cameras to integrate them with an Alarm.com alarm monitoring service.
Do other cams work with the Alarm.com service such as the Piper or is the service limited to only 2Gig or specific cams?
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