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The 2GIG STVGRL1-345 Stove and Grill Guard will alert users when one of their stove or grill burners has been left in the on position. The sensor sends an alert to a compatible alarm system when the sensor is positioned 20 degrees or more from the off position. Buy the 2GIG STVGRL1-345 here.
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Users looking to monitor their stove or grill for a burner that has been left on can achieve great results with the 2GIG STVGRL1-345. The sensor alerts a compatible alarm system when the monitored grill or stover burner control is positioned 20 degrees or more from the usual off position.

Many households experience the problem of accidentally leaving on a stove or grill. These incidents can lead to fires, unhealthy gas leaks, a loss of propane, wasted money and more. The 2GIG STVGRL1-345 is designed to prevent these mishaps by alerting the user's alarm system when their stove or grill is left on. If the knob is turned more than 20 degrees from the usual off position, then the panel will display a fault condition for the associated zone. The exact panel response and message displayed will depend on how the zone is programmed.

The STVGRL1-345 is great for pairing with an interactive service platform like Alarm.com or Total Connect 2.0. A user can check their interactive service using its associated mobile app while they are away. This way, they can be sure that their system is not displaying any faults and that their stove or grill is currently off. The device is also great for knowing if your children are playing with the stove or if someone else in the family is using the grill to make a midnight snack!

At just 2.2" diameter and 0.21" thick, the 2GIG Stove and Grill Guard is sleek and discreet. Others will be unlikely to even notice the device, all while you monitor your stove or grill with great accuracy. The device is water-resistant, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a battery life of approximately four to five years.

The Stove and Grill Guard operates using the same 345 MHz frequency that is used with most other 2GIG Sensors. It will work with all wireless 2GIG Systems, including the 2GIG GC3 and 2GIG GC2, as well as the new 2GIG GC3e and 2GIG GC2e systems. It will also work with the Honeywell Lyric Controller with appropriate firmware update.


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