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Key Fob for Lyric Controller

Honeywell sixfob key fob for lyric controller

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The SiXFOB is a two-way communicating key fob specially designed for the LYRIC Controller. If you have a Lyric and want the convenience of arming and disarming with Honeywell's SiXFOB, then order yours right away.
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The Honeywell SIXFOB is a 4-button bi-directional, wireless key fob which uses Honeywell's new SIX technology. Although this device is a bit larger than its predecessor the 5834-4, it packs in much more technology and features. The bi-directional capacity allows it to offer confirmation when signals are received at the panel. This is accomplished with the two LEDs (1 green, 1 red) and the built-in sounder. For example, when you arm the system it will beep twice and the red LED will flash for 2-3 seconds. While disarming results in a single beep and a green flash. Most importantly, when the panel is not getting the signal there is a one second beep and no LED activity. Genius!

Key fobs are a great way to wirelessly control an alarm system without having to key in any user code or have access to a wall mounted keypad. Although it is a 4-button device you can program up to 8 commands using double presses. You can auto-enroll the SIXFOB with your Lyric controller just like a sensor. Once you are in the serial number field (Program > Keys > Add New > Select 4 or 8 button > Serial Number) in the Keys section, press and hold the arm away (top left, blank shield) and disarm (top right, shield with check mark) buttons simultaneously for at least 2 seconds. The LEDs will begin to alternate which means the fob is being paired with the controller. This process can take up to 20 seconds and is complete when the LEDs flash solid for 3 seconds. Then press and release the top two button again to lock it in.

Like any key fob you will need to select a user to assign to it. Keep in mind - If you assign a guest code, the key fob will only disarm the system if the guest code was used to arm it during that specific armed cycle. We always recommend testing to ensure proper function.

Unfortunately, the icons can be a bit confusing. The button layout is the same as the 5834-4 except the icons are less intuitive. The upper left shield icon is the arm away button by default. The upper right button is also a shield but has a green check mark on it. This is the disarm key. Yes, its confusing but you will adjust. The lower left home icon button is arm stay. Lastly, the exclamation point is the panic button.

By default, the panic button is disabled and set "No Response." However you can change this button in programming to a panic. There are several options when programming a panic button. You can choose between a silent, audible or local alarm. The silent and audible panics will report to a central station and can be setup for a verification call or immediate dispatching. The local panic is a new feature on the Lyric controller that serves for a local alarm without notifying any third parties.

Please read this important note regarding SiX Sensors and Lyric Compatibility!

Brand: HoneywellResideo

You make a good point. An opportunist thief is probably less likely to hang around that one who targeted the house. That said, just save my money and rely on my dog and my gun, huh!?
If they get your keys and your car, they got your house anyway. Whether or not you have an alarm at your house is another thing. The alarm gives them 30 seconds before it alerts authorities if you paid for that feature. That means they have at least a few minutes to take some things. Also, if I have my phone, I can connect to my system and disable certain features. I know if it's a woman's purse, they most likely have their phone in their purse as well. I used to watch a show maybe 10 years ago called "To Catch a Thief". You'd be surprised how much they can make off with in a few minutes. I'm not discounting what you are saying. My ex GF had her purse stolen. They didn't want her house keys, they wanted her car to get home. Her car was later found in a ditch with the purse in the car. Same happened to my parents.
Much rather they get my car than my house ... or my car AND my house!!
Someone steals a purse, their car keys probably has a good chance for a key fob which makes it easier to find the car just by pressing the button on it. You could say don't carry your car key fob because it makes it easier for them to find your car, to get your address to get to your home. I understand what you are saying though.
Key fobs - Seems like a bad idea to me. Many scenarios where a key fob makes it too easy to defeat your expensive alarm system, but consider this one: Your wife leaves her purse somewhere or has it stolen. The person who has her purse has your address, the keys to your house and the instant off key fob for your alarm. If the car is not too hard to find with the remote, they can even drive your car to your house and open the garage door to give them plenty of privacy to gain entry without getting any attention. Generally speaking, convenience defeats security. KISS
This sound is called "arm confirm" and can be disabled if you wish. It is designed to inform you when disarming from outside the secured premise. As an audible indicator that you can enter the space using perimeter programmed doors. If you prefer to have this disabled you can do the following: Security > Tools > Enter installer code (default 4112) > Program > Sounder > Toggle "arm confirm" until it says "none."
When I click Disarm on my fob the system makes a loud alarm sound and then disarms. Is that normal? I am clicking the top right button to disarm. ??
Are you interested in our no-contract monitoring services We can still activate a system bought from someone else.
Already ordered one Sterling. From the competition and I wish I had gotten it from you. Much more responsive here. Thanks for responding.
It is good that you are thinking about things like this as a programmed key fob can be used to disarm the system without needing a valid user code. While we can always delete the key fob programming for you if you do lose it (and you could do it at the panel too), there would be a concern of someone using it before you noticed it was lost. You can simply not program the key fob if you are concerned about this security risk. Also, you can program it to a specific user so you'd at least have a log of someone using the fob to arm/disarm. Do you already have a Lyric system or are you looking to purchase one?
Don't like the fob too much. What happens if you lose it and a thief finds it before you notice? Or more possibly, someone you know steals it and lets themselves in as they wish? Is there any code or sequence to the button presses or does disarm disarm always no matter what?
This is a setting known as "arm confirm" which can be found in your sounder settings. From the home screen of your Lyric: Press security > tools > enter your installer code > program > sounder > arm confirm > toggle to none > save > back out of programming. Then test with your fob.
When I arm or disarm my Lyric Security Controller with this FOB it (the controller) chirps very loudly. It is the same loudness as an alarm. I'd much prefer it to just make the normal tones as an acceptable level. It is driving our animals crazy. Is there a way to program the controller to not chirp loudly when the system is armed/disarmed with the FOB?
Okay, all of that is possible with the right equipment and programming.
Yes I was thinking about controlling some home automation from the fob. I was thinking instead of having a garage door remote in the car, use the fob that will opening the garage door, disable the alarm, unlock the interior garage door, and turn on some interior lights.
What features would you be interested in? What you could do is program any of the buttons (or the 5th action of pressing the bottom two buttons together) to No Alarm Response and then you could program a Z-Wave Scene to run on the action of the button(s) being pressed.
Do you think other features will be added or will the intentions for the 8 button just be for a 2 button pressed panic.
The only other option you can enable is for a 2-button panic instead of a 1-button panic.
If this is an 8 button fob, what other options can you program into the other four loops?
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