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Window Stickers with Adhesive Front

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Alarm Grid's indoor stickers are a simple, good looking deterrent. They are beautiful stickers that you can feel good about putting in your window.
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A great complement to the Alarm Grid security signs, these stickers not only look great, but they are a simple way to let any would-be intruders know that your property is secured by Alarm Grid. These are Alarm Grid's most popular stickers and are adhered to the inside of a window facing out. This sticker will last longer than its outdoor counterpart as it will not have to face many of the same harsh weather problems, except for direct sunlight.

Coated with industrial strength glue, these stickers will last for years before needing to be replaced, and, as many studies have shown, their mere presence acts as an important deterrent from would-be burglars. At Alarm Grid, we have taken great care to make sure that our stickers are not an eyesore. As a result, these stickers are a simple, modern design that features the Alarm Grid logo, and only two colors. They will not be a distracting or embarrassing addition to the front window of your home, but will give you the desired deterrence that having such a sticker provides.

Whether you're shopping as an Alarm Grid monitored client, or you're simply looking to put a security sticker in your window, you can't go wrong with one of Alarm Grid's security stickers. Keep the thieves away, and look good doing it. That's the Alarm Grid way


  • Product Type: Adhesive Front Window Stickers
  • Size: ~4 square inches
  • Number of Stickers: One (1)
  • Shape: Octagon

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Our Price: $16.99
Hey Gregg, we'll look into it. Stickers are cheap for us to produce, and we can probably get a few more sizes made.
Hi Gregg, We don't currently have any smaller decals available but I'll send this ticket to management to see if we can look into offering more sizes and they will be in touch.
Can you make a small decal that clings to the inside of a window? The current ones are too big. Something 1.5" would be perfect that can go into the corners of all our windows.
We have not heard of any complaints of these stickers fading over time, they should last quite awhile.
Are these stickers UV stable? or do they fade over time in sunlight?
We actually just lowered the price of a sticker to $0.99 and that is the price for a single sticker.
Is it $2.99 for one sticker or do you get multiple stickers for this price?
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