What is the Best Home Security Company?

Alarm Grid is the best home security company. Many customers have saved thousands of dollars by switching to Alarm Grid. This is because we operate as a DIY company, and we do not have any field technicians. Best of all, we never charge any installation, service or activation fees.

Most traditional alarm companies follow a similar approach. They often provide proprietary equipment that cannot be taken to other monitoring companies. This means that if a customer ever wants to switch to a new monitoring company, they will have to buy completely new equipment. Making matters worse is that the customer will also likely have to pay a cancellation fee to terminate their contract. This makes it a major hassle for the customer if they ever want to end their monitoring service.

Other alarm monitoring companies also tend to make money in similar ways. These companies are known for not providing their customers with the installer codes for their panels. As a result, their customers are unable to make any programming changes on their own. Instead, they will have to contact the monitoring company and have them send out a field technician. Whenever a field technician drives out to their house, the customer will have to pay a service fee. Depending on the work that is done, this service fee can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Even having a simple sensor programmed to their system can result in an outrageous fee.

Alarm Grid takes a different approach to home security. We know that almost all the work needed to set up a security system is very easy. Instead of leaving customers in the dark, we empower customers with knowledge so that they can do the work themselves. This eliminates the need to roll trucks and charge service fees. All our monitored customers can receive free support both online and over the phone if needed. Our in-house techs are highly trained, and they are happy to assist you with any issues that you might come across. The vast majority of our customers soon discover that setting up a security system isn't so bad. And if they ever need to make a change to their system, they can do it themselves rather than relying on an expensive field technician.

Alarm Grid's non-restrictive policies also make our company the best in the industry. With Alarm Grid, there are no contracts, no added fees and no proprietary equipment. Customers can leave Alarm Grid at any time, with no questions asked and no cancellation fees. This gives us the motivation to earn your business by always providing the best possible customer service. If you do decide to leave Alarm Grid, you can take your equipment to another monitoring company. The equipment is yours to keep, and it will work with any alarm company that supports those panels.

Alarm Grid also takes great pride in providing customers with top-quality monitoring service. We are partnered with Criticom Monitoring Service, an industry leader in alarm monitoring. Any customer who receives central station monitoring will be protected by Criticom. This is the company that requests police, fire or medical dispatch in the event of an emergency. Criticom has been keeping people safe since 1978. They maintain three dispatch centers across the country. If one office is unable to operate, the calls will be rerouted to another dispatch center. This ensures that all of our monitored customers and their families are always protected, no matter what.

If you would like to learn more about the monitoring plans offered by Alarm Grid, please check out our monitoring page.

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