Are alarm signs enough as a deterrent against burglars?

Alarm signs will deter crime and intrusion. Having alarm signs are absolutely beneficial. Pick up your Alarm Grid yard sign today! The question here is: are alarm signs enough? In some cases a potential intruder may decide its not worth the risk. Here at Alarm Grid we realize that alarm owners have different levels of security that puts them at ease. If cost is the hinderance to acquiring monitoring for your alarm system you may want to check out our no contract monitoring plans.

For only $10 per month (with an IP communicator) you can get set up with Total Connect 2.0 which offers text and email notifications as well as remote access to arm, disarm and view all activity. If you prefer the added reliability of cellular communication simply add it to your self monitoring plan for an additional $10 per month for unlimited AT&T data. Log into a live Total Connect 2.0 account at Use 'alarmgrid' for the username and 'totalconnect' for the password.Since our monthly no contract monitoring costs are so affordable you may want to look at a plan which includes central station monitoring.

All Basic and Plus+ monitoring plans come with a free yard sign and two window decal stickers! Already have a phone line and not interested in the upfront cost of a new communicator? The basic monitoring plan is our standard central station plan and can be setup via a phone line for $15 per month without a contract. The Plus+ monitoring plan includes central station monitoring and Total Connect 2.0 for $20 per month via IP and $30 per month via cellular.

Again a yard sign is not a bad place to start!

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