Are Security Stickers An Effective Burglary Deterrent?

Burglars are opportunists. Picture this, provide a burglar with a choice between two equally inviting properties, but only one had visual alarm window and door decals. The burglar will chose the property without the alarm window and door decals. The reason? Alarm window and door decals deter burglars because it increases the potential and fear of being caught and arrested by police. Home burglars will usually bypass a property with visual alarm window and door decals and go to a property without them. Although some burglaries may seem random, they actually involve a selection process. A burglars selection is simple, select an unoccupied home, with the easiest access and most amount of cover and no visual signs of an alarm system. The majority of home burglaries occur in the daytime when most people are at work. Some people who actually have alarm systems do not use alarm window and door decals for cosmetic reasons, thinking they look unsightly and will not display them. This increases the risk of a burglary. A burglar will think there is no alarm on the premise and could at the very least attempt a break in. The burglar might break a window or door before the alarm sounds causing damage to the premise.

Statistics inform us that 70% of burglars use some kind of force to enter a property, but their preference is to gain easy access through an open window or door. Applying alarm window and door decals will make the property uninviting and will make a burglar think twice before targeting a property that utilizes them.

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