How Do I Set Up Thermostat Temperature Notifications for

You can set up thermostat temperature notifications for by accessing your account through the website and then creating a new Temperature Alert. As part of the Temperature Alert, you must set the maximum and/or minimum temperature range and choose notification recipients. Temperature Alerts can be set up for any thermostat that you have paired with your account. This can be done for any Z-Wave thermostat, including both the ADC-T2000 and ADC-T3000 Thermostats. You can set up the alerts to occur in the form of emails, text messages, and push notifications.

Complete the following steps to set up Temperature Alert notifications in

1. Login to website. Go to the website, and login to your account. Make sure you are logging in as a Customer, not through the Partner Portal. Contact your monitoring provider if you are having trouble.

2. Go to Notifications Menu. From the main screen after logging in, click the Notifications option. You will access the Notifications Menu.

3. Create Temperature Alert Notification. Click the blue "+ New Notification" button in the upper-right corner.

In the pop-up screen, choose Temperature on the left-hand side.

Select the option for Temperature Alert.

4. Configure the Notification. In the top-left, make sure the toggle switch is blue, indicating that the notification is enabled. Next to the toggle switch is where you will set the name. For our example, we named it Example Alert.

Below that, you can check boxes for "Above" and "Below" alerts. The Above Temperature Alerts are for "High Temp", or when the temperature detected is too hot, while the Below Temperature Alerts are for "Low Temp", or when the temperature detected is too cold. You must check at least one of these boxes to set what types of temperature alerts you want to receive, or you can check both boxes to get both High Temp and Low Temp alerts. You must also set the temperature thresholds that will determine when the alerts are sent. In our example, we checked both boxes, and we set it so that we will be alerted if the detected temperature is Above 85°F or Below 65°F.

Then under "For the selected devices:", you will select every thermostat you want to be included in this notification. Only thermostats that have been integrated with your account will be displayed. Unfortunately, our example account does not have any enrolled thermostats, so we can't show exactly what it looks like, but rest assured, any thermostats you have set up with your account will appear there, and you can include the ones that you want in the notification. Simply check the box next to any given thermostat to include it.

Lastly, you will set the recipients. Click the "+Add" button to open a window where you can choose from existing recipients or add new ones. In our example, we added our support email,, as well as our company phone number, which isn't actually a mobile number with AT&T service, but we just wanted to show what it looks like.

Continue once all your settings are correct. Remember, our example does not show any selected thermostat devices, so don't forget to make those selections when you set this up for yourself!

4. Save the notification. Click the blue Save button in the bottom-right corner to save the notification. It will then go into effect for regular usage. You can toggle it ON and OFF to enable and disable the notification as needed.

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