Outdoor 1080P POE Mini Bullet Camera with Night Vision

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The ADC-V726 Mini Bullet Camera is perfect for indoor and outdoor video surveillance. It features a discreet, compact design, 1080P HD recording quality, and night vision for capturing video in dark settings. The ADC-VC726 also integrates perfectly with Buy the ADC-VC726 here.
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The ADC-VC726 Indoor/Outdoor Mini Bullet Camera is ideal for capturing high-quality video for both commercial and residential environments. Its compact design allows it to go unnoticed, and its 1080P HD recording capabilities produce crisp, clean video every single time.

One aspect we really love about the ADC-VC726 is that it proves that video surveillance can truly be simple. This small and discreet camera is very easy for DIY users to install, and it impresses everyone with its incredible high-definition recording quality. With its IP67 weatherproof rating, you can install this camera anywhere with confidence, and be sure that it will take whatever nature can dish out. The device is waterproof and dust tight, and can operate safely in temperatures from -22° Fahrenheit to 140° Fahrenheit.

The camera boasts an impressive viewing angle of 86° and a 4mm F1.6 lens. It has an IR night vision range of up to 95 feet away for recording in the dark. The device can be set up for a continuous 24 hour recording schedule with the use of a stream video recorder. With its power over ethernet (PoE) capabilities, the device can receive full electrical power from just a simple ethernet connection. For those whose network equipment does not support power over ethernet, there are other options. A DC power supply is available, as well as a POE Injector. This camera does not support a WIFI network connection. An ethernet cable is required, and does not come included with the camera. However, all of the other hardware needed to mount the camera is included, and the quick and easy installation process can be completed by a DIY user. Simply mount the bracket and secure the bullet camera.

At 2.76" wide and 6.1" long, the ADC-VC726 is truly one of the most discreet cameras we have ever seen. It will be discreetly and silently capturing videos, and those captured in the recording won't have any idea. The camera weighs less than a pound, but it really packs some high-tech equipment into a little package. Overall, this device is outstanding for users who want an indoor or outdoor PoE camera, with a compact bullet design, and tremendous recording and video-production capabilities. This is truly one of the best security and video surveillance cameras available on the market today.


Great Mini Camera!
Submitted on 07/28/2020 Alarm Grid

The ADC-VC726 is an outdoor mini bullet camera that is built for use with the platform. The camera offers a discreet, compact design, as well as 1080p recording capabilities. The camera has an IP67 weatherproof rating, which makes it suitable for use in an outdoor environment. The camera utilizes power over ethernet (PoE) technology for power. An ethernet connection is required, as the camera is incapable of connecting with a WIFI network. Overall, the ADC-VC726 is a great camera, especially for use in a commercial setting. That is why we give it a 5-Star rating.

There are many positive aspects regarding the ADC-VC726. For one, it offers fantastic 1080p recording quality. The camera is only 6.1" long and 2.76" wide, making it very discreet and easy to hide in tight spaces if needed. The fact that this camera uses PoE technology for power is nice, because you only need to run one single wire for both network and power. We also like the fact that the camera as an IP67 weatherproof rating for outdoor use. It can withstand virtually any outdoor temperature, which adds upon its great versatility. And the ADC-VC726 has tremendous IR night vision capabilities, as it is rated for capturing activity from up to 95 feet away in the dark.

There are not many downsides to the ADC-VC726. One issue is that the camera must use ethernet connectivity for accessing an IP network. In other words, the camera cannot connect directly with a WIFI network. This is relatively common for commercial-grade cameras, but it is still a limitation nonetheless. However, you can overcome this issue by using a compatible ethernet to WIFI bridge with PoE capabilities, such as the ADC-W110. One other issue with the ADC-VC726 is that it can only be used with You cannot use it with a different platform, such as Total Connect 2.0. But overall, these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from awarding the ADC-VC726 with a perfect 5-Star score.

Good: 1080p, Compact Size, PoE, IP67 Weatherproof, IR Night Vision

Bad: Cannot Connect Directly to WIFI, For Only

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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