Video Doorbell Wall Power Supply Kit for ADC-VDB770

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The ADC-VDBA-PSU-PD Video Doorbell Wall Power Supply Kit is a plug-in DC power adapter for use with the ADC-VDB770 Doorbell Camera. You should use this device if the old doorbell does not have existing wiring, or if the existing wiring is incompatible. Buy the ADC-VDBA-PSU-PD here.
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If you need to power your ADC-VDB770 Doorbell Camera and you don't have existing wiring, or if the existing wiring is incompatible, then the ADC-VDBA-PSU-DC is for you. This is a plug-in DC power supply that will provide reliable power for the ADC-VDB770 Camera.

The ADC-VDBA-PSU-DC is rated at 16 Volts DC, 1.25 Amps, or 20 Watts. It is used when the ADC-VDB770 cannot be set up with an existing chime circuit for power. It should only be used when there is no wired chime used in the circuit. The power supply can be used with or without a power module. If a power module is used, then you will need a 10 Watt / 10 Ohm resistor. If no power module is being used, then a flameproof 5 Watt / 3.9 Ohm resistor is needed. You will also need to supply your own wiring.


  • Device Type: Plug-In DC Power Supply
  • Compatibility: ADC-VDB770 Doorbell Camera
  • Power Rating: 16VDC, 1.25A, or 20

Brand: ADC-VDBA-PSU-DC Compatible Products ADC-VDB770
Next Generation Video Doorbell Camera
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