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The Arlo HD is a wireless and weather-resistant camera that is great for any home. It offers IR night vision, motion alerts and compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Stringify. Any captured video can be stored on the Arlo App for up to 7 days. Buy the Arlo HD here.

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The Arlo HD Security Camera provides an effective high definition video recording option for almost any home. The camera works with the free Arlo App for streaming and storing videos on the cloud server for up to 7 days. Setting up and installing the camera is made easy for any DIY user.

One of the best aspects of the Arlo HD is the fact that it is 100% wire-free, allowing for a super quick and simple installation. Wire-free means not only wireless data, but wireless power as well. There are no power wires at all, as the device is fully battery-powered! To get started, you just need the Arlo Base Station (purchased separately), which will allow the cameras to connect to the internet. Doing this is necessary for enabling the camera to store footage on the Arlo Cloud and the free Arlo App.

A standard magnetic mount comes included. Arlo also offers optional table and ceiling mounts, wall mounts, knob mounts and quadpod mounts for greater flexibility. The camera is tough and durable with its IP65 weather-resistant rating, and it will stand up to rain, snow, wind and temperature changes.The only challenge is choosing a location for the camera with all the mounting options available!

For recording, the Arlo HD activates with motion and sound-based events. Once the camera is activated, it will start recording. Any captured footage will be stored on the Arlo Cloud, and it can be viewed from the free-to-download Arlo App for up to 7 days. This app is crucial for using the Arlo HD, as it represents the only way to view the live feed and stored videos. Users can receive notifications from the app whenever activity occurs. Local usb drive storage is also possible with the Arlo Base Station.

The camera itself is full HD, and it provides crystal-clear and beautiful videos that allow you to see security events in the finest detail. Its IR night vision capabilities allow the camera to capture video in dark settings as well. This makes the Arlo the ideal device for capturing outdoor video at night when an intruder might be trying to break-in. Geofencing features are also included so that the camera only responds to motion and sound when the home is vulnerable.

Smart connectivity is also a main feature of the Arlo HD. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Stringify. Additionally, Arlo is compatible with the Telguard Interactive App for users with an alarm system that uses a Telguard Communicator. However, it is not compatible with the Total Connect 2.0 and services. The Arlo HD is powered using four lithium CR123A batteries. Battery level indication is included so a user knows when to replace the batteries. The camera measures 2.8"L x 1.7"W x 2.6"D. Its resolution is configurable 1280 x 720. It offers 720P HD recording capabilities.

Note: Requires the Arlo Base Station to connect with the network!

Note: This camera is a certified refurbished version. It will offer the same great performance as a new model.

Brand: Arlo

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