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With four Arlo HD Cameras, this special package deal includes everything you need for a robust and reliable home video surveillance setup. The cameras can be mounted throughout your home to capture footage throughout your property. Complete your home security setup with the Arlo HD 4-Pack.

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If you want a total video surveillance package for your home, then the Arlo HD 4-Pack is for you. This package deal includes four Arlo HD Cameras that can be mounted throughout your property to capture any activity. Any recorded footage is stored on the Arlo Cloud and Arlo App for 7 days.

The Arlo HD is known for being very DIY-friendly, and it can be quickly set up by almost any user. All setup is completed through the Arlo App, and a helpful and easy-to-use interface will walk the user through the process. These cameras are 100% wire-free, as all data and power is wireless. Each camera will require its own set of four lithium CR123A batteries to remain powered. A battery lift indicator is displayed on each camera to let the user know when its batteries require replacement.

Once a camera is activated through either sound or motion detection, the captured footage will be available on the Arlo App for up to 7 days. The app will notify the user immediately upon activation. Users can also set up Geofencing options through the Arlo App to control when the cameras should activate and start recording. Additionally, local storage is possible with a usb drive and the base station. Each Arlo HD Camera captures video in 720P quality for crystal clear viewing. Resolution is a configurable 1280 x 720. The dimension of each camera is 2.8"L x 1.7"W x 2.6"D.

Mounting is also made easy with the Arlo HD Cameras. A standard magnetic mount is included, and Arlo also offers optional mounting hardware if needed. Users can purchase table and ceiling mounts, wall mounts, knob mounts and quadpod mounts to install their cameras the way they want. Outdoor mounting is also possible, as the cameras boast an IP65 weather-resistant rating that allows them to stand up to almost any outside conditions. IR night vision capabilities let the Arlo HD Cameras capture video in the darkest of settings.

End users will appreciate the functionality with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Stringify. These compatible protocols make it easy for users with an existing smart home setup to easily integrate their Arlo HD Cameras. Any Arlo Camera can also be used with the Telguard Interactive App that has become a mainstay for security systems with Telguard Communicators. However, these cameras will not work with the Total Connect 2.0 and platforms.

Note: You will need the Arlo Base Station to use these cameras. This module connects the Arlo HD Cameras to the internet so that they can communicate with the Arlo Servers and the Arlo App. One Arlo Base Station can support up to five cameras, so just one is enough for this kit.

Note: These cameras are certified refurbished versions. They will offer the same great performance as new models.

Brand: Arlo

Good Refurbished Cameras
Submitted on 08/18/2020 Alarm Grid

The Arlo HD 4-Pack includes four (4) certified refurbished Arlo HD Cameras. These refurbished cameras are guaranteed to work just as effectively as brand-new cameras. The cameras work great with the free-to-use Arlo App for Android and iOS devices. However, you will still need to separately obtain an Arlo Base Station, which does not come included with this bundle. A single Arlo Base Station can support up to five (5) Arlo Cameras, so a single base station unit will suffice. It's also important to note that this 4-pack of camera deal has been discontinued by Alarm Grid, so you can no longer buy it from us. Instead, you must buy the cameras individually. But this was a good deal while it lasted. The refurbished bundle helped users save money by not needing ti buy new cameras. We give the Arlo HD 4-Pack a 5-Star rating.

One positive aspect of the Arlo HD 4-Pack is the fact that the cameras are known to be very easy to set up and use, even for DIY users. The cameras are wire-free, which is great for keeping things neat and organized. The cameras each come with a standard magnetic mount, and other mounting options are available for separate purchase. You can safely operate the cameras outdoors, as they feature an IP65 weather-resistant rating. They offer nice integrations with smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Stringify, and Telguard HomeControl Flex. The cameras offer IR night vision for capturing video in the dark. The 720p recording quality is nice, and the cameras are small and compact for easy hiding.

But there are also some downsides for the Arlo HD 4-Pack. The packaged deal is discontinued, and you can no longer purchase it from Alarm Grid. Each camera uses four (4) CR123A batteries, and you will need to change these batteries at least every few months if the cameras are used regularly. Battery costs can add-up very quickly. As mentioned earlier, the Arlo Base Station is required, so that will be a separate purchase. The cameras cannot integrate with Total Connect 2.0 or And some users might be turned-off from purchasing refurbished cameras. But all things considered, we give this product a 5-Star rating, as it offers quite a bit of upside.

Good: Easy to Set Up & Use, Wire-Free, Many Mounting Options Available, Use Outdoors, Smart Home Integrations, IR Night Vision, 720p, Small & Compact

Bad: Discontinued, Requires Four (4) CR123A Batteries Each, Arlo Base Station Requires, No TC2 or ADC Integrations, Refurbished

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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