Cellbounce CB34U-D-RES01A

AT&T 3G/4G to AT&T LTE Upgrade Device

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This solution will allow security systems that are affected by the AT&T 3G network shutdown to continue working without needing expensive communicator replacement. Upgrade your system today!
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The Cellbounce device is intended to allow an existing AT&T 3G communicator to connect to the AT&T LTE network without the need to replace the communicator. The Cellbounce is a plug-and-play device that is provisioned within the existing AlarmNet account, and then powered up within range (25 feet) of the existing communicator. The two devices will pair up, and then all signals sent by the existing communicator will be sent over the AT&T LTE network.

Important Note: The Cellbounce is not supported in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. It is only supported in the contiguous United States.

In order for this to work, the existing AT&T 3G communicator must not be in comm fail at the time provisioning begins. The AlarmNet360 configuration must be completed BEFORE the Cellbounce device is powered up. When powering the Cellbounce, it should connect directly to an unswitched outlet, not to a power strip. To complete the configuration, the alarm dealer will need the Serial Number and the IMEI number from the box the Cellbounce arrived in. Installation of the actual Cellbounce unit is very easy, and nearly anyone can do it. An installation or service technician is usually not required in order to upgrade using this option.

When power is initially applied, the top Power and bottom Status LEDs will illuminate Green with the 4G LTE and 3G LEDs showing red. When the Cellbounce acquires an LTE signal, the 4G LTE led will illuminate solid Green, and once it connects to the AT&T 3G communicator successfully, the 3G LED will light solid Green. That's it! From there it's just a matter of verifying that all signals are being sent successfully. The alarm dealer can verify through AlarmNet360 that signal strength is adequate and that all signals are coming through as expected.

Important Notes:
  • Cellbounce does not support the use of 2-Way Voice. In order to use the Cellbounce unit, 2-Way voice must be disabled. Failure to do so will result in potentially lengthy alarm signaling delays.
  • Cellbounce is not listed for UL Commercial Fire, or UL Mercantile Burglary applications.
  • Cellbounce is not compatible with Verizon CDMA communicators.
  • In order to use Cellbounce, the account must be actively registered at AlarmNet with an AT&T 3G/4G Communicator.
  • Cellbounce cannot be used to "fix" an AT&T 3G/4G account that is in Comm Fail. The communicator should be in a trouble free state with good existing cellular signal in order to add Cellbounce.
  • If AlarmNet360 shows a status of '3G Status is Not Connected' then the Cellbounce unit may not be within range of the existing 3G Communicator. Be sure it is within 25 feet, maximum.
  • Cellbounce is compatible with: GSMV4G, IGSMV4G, VISTA-21iP4G, 3GL/4GL, GSMVLP5-4G, LCP500-L, GSMX4G, and GSMVLP4G.
  • For Dual-Path enabled AT&T 3G communicators, the Cellbounce will be used to transmit any time the system attempts to transmit via the 3G device. For example, if a Lyric has both WIFI and AT&T 3G with Cellbounce, when WIFI is available, WIFI will be used to signal. If WIFI is unavailable, then the AT&T 3G and Cellbounce will be used.
  • Cellbounce will be able to communicate until at least Q1 2025, and this could be extended.

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