Honeywell GSMVLP4G

AlarmNet LYNX Plus Cellular Alarm Monitoring Communicator

Honeywell gsmvlp4g alarmnet l3000 lynx plus cellular alarm monitoring communicator

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The Honeywell GSMVLP4G is an AlarmNet LYNX Plus cellular alarm monitoring communicator for the L3000 LYNX Plus alarm control panel. The L...

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The Honeywell GSMVLP4G is an AlarmNet LYNX Plus cellular alarm monitoring communicator for the L3000 LYNX Plus alarm control panel. The LYNX Plus is the only control panel that supports the GSMVLP4G. Prior to the release of the GSMVLP4G, the now discontinued GSMVLP was the only cellular alarm communicator you could use with a LYNX Plus security system. If you are looking for an internet alarm communicator that works with the L3000, please look at the Honeywell 7847i-L instead.

The GSMVLP4G from AlarmNet is the latest 4G cellular alarm communicator to be released. Once AT&T announced that they would no longer be supporting their 2G cellular network after the end of 2016, Honeywell quickly began replacing all of their existing 2G communicators with 4G versions. We recommend that anyone purchasing a cellular alarm communicator today choose a 4G version. If you do choose to go with an older 2G capable communicator, you will have to replace the device once the 2G network has disappeared. While AT&T says that will be at the end of 2016, certain areas of the country will lose 2G service even before that time. By investing in a 4G cellular alarm communicator today, you can be confident that your alarm communications will be secure and reliable well into the future.

Adding an AlarmNet GSMVLP4G to a LYNX Plus wireless security system allows you to sign up for cellular alarm monitoring service. While the LYNX Plus alarm control panel supports phone line alarm monitoring without needing an alternative alarm monitoring communicator, most people these days prefer cellular alarm monitoring. If you are relying on your home’s phone service for monitoring service, your security system is vulnerable to a criminal cutting your phone line before entering the home. With the phone line cut, no alarm signal would reach your central station. However, if your system has a cellular alarm communicator like the GSMVLP4G, there is no risk of someone cutting your line. As the GSMVLP4G uses a wireless alarm transmission path, it is a more reliable and secure form of alarm communications. Another advantage of the GSVMLP4G is that you don’t need to have phone service at your home to have your security system monitored. With the huge popularity of cell phones, many people no longer have need for a traditional home phone. However, many people that would otherwise be able to eliminate their phone service, and save on their monthly phone bill, are forced to keep the service because their alarm system uses the phone line. These people would be able to free themselves from their home phone by simply adding a cellular alarm communicator to their security system.

Unlike other cellular alarm communicators, the GSMVLP4G is an AlarmNet communicator and therefore supports Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 service. Most AlarmNet dealers that offer AlarmNet alarm monitoring services only offer Total Connect as an add-on to a central station monitoring plan. While we offer that with our Monitoring Plus plan, we also have a special Self Monitoring plan which includes Total Connect access without the added cost of a central station plan. Add a GSMVLP4G to your L3000 LYNX Plus security system and sign up for one of our no-contract monitoring plans that include Total Connect 2.0 to be able to remotely arm and disarm your system from any computer or smartphone.

Brand: Honeywell

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