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Honeywell gsmv4g alarmnet cellular alarm monitoring communicator

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The Honeywell GSMV4G is nearly identical to the original Honeywell GSMV cellular alarm communicator. However, while the GSMV works on the...

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The Honeywell GSMV4G is nearly identical to the original Honeywell GSMV cellular alarm communicator. However, while the GSMV works on the older 2G cellular network, the GSMV4G is compatible with the newest 4G cellular network. Prior to the release of the GSMV4G, the only 4G capable cellular alarm communicator from Honeywell was the GSMVLP5-4G which is only compatible with the Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel. Now, you can use the GSMV4G or the GSMX4G if you have a VISTA Series alarm control panel and you want to upgrade to a cellular alarm communicator that will work on 4G cellular technology.

All AlarmNet cellular alarm communicators use SIM cards that utilize the AT&T cellular network. As cellular alarm communicators don’t have the same data and speed requirements that cell phones have, Honeywell manufactured all previous cellular alarm communicators to work on the older 2G cellular network. Unfortunately, as cell phones have gone from devices used to make calls and send text messages to advanced hand held computers that can stream video and send large amounts of data back and forth in seconds, the cellular carriers are doing everything they can to maximize their networks to keep up with the increased data demands. AT&T has found that the best solution to free up space on the advanced 3G and 4G networks is to cannibalize the older 2G network. In fact, they announced recently that December 31st, 2016 would mark the end of all 2G cellular communications. Even though cellular alarm communicators may never require the high speeds found on these newer networks, they will eventually be left behind as the cellular landscape changes. Fortunately, Honeywell always has an eye on the future and has released 4G capable cellular alarm communicators, like the GSMV4G, well in advance of the end of the 2G cellular network. You don’t need a 4G cellular communicator today, but by upgrading to one, you are making an investment for the future.

Cellular alarm communications are the most reliable way to send your alarm signals to a central station for monitoring. You don’t need a phone line or even an internet connection as the GSMV4G is a dedicated wireless link between your alarm control panel and Alarm Grid’s central station. By signing up for an AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring plan, all cellular data is included and you can sleep peacefully knowing that no matter when your alarm is triggered, the alarm signal will be received by a trained central station operator.

The Honeywell GSMV4G cellular alarm communicator is compatible with nearly all VISTA Series alarm control panels and can even be used with a Honeywell LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel. The GSMV4G is also compatible with Honeywell AlarmNet's advanced Total Connect 2.0 interactive service so that you can remotely control your Honeywell security system from a computer or an iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry® or Android™ device. The Honeywell GSMV4G has all of the great features found in the original GSMV cellular alarm communicator but it also has the added advantage of being built to work well into the future even as the cellular networks evolve to meet today’s technological demands.


Upgraded from GSMV
Submitted on 10/22/2012

As soon as I saw an article saying AT&T was dropping 2G coverage by end of 2016 I called my alarm company to get a 4G cell backup instead. They told me there was no 4G available. I searched for months online until I finally found the GSMV4G. Bought this from Alarm Grid and had them help me switch out the old one. Now my TC2 account works better than ever.

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Version 1.0 panels were manufactured before 2002. Unfortunately if you ended up with a VISTA-20P-1.0 they are not prom chip upgradeable. Chip would read WA20P-1.0. If you are doing a panel replacement I recommend the VISTA-21iP kit: This is a new VISTA-21ip (VISTA-20P with integrated internet communicator) and a 6160 alpha keypad for local zone programming. You can add a backup cellular module if you prefer the reliability of cellular comms: We are happy to help with your install along the way over the phone or via email at
I want to convert my existing Vista 20P from copper telephone line to cellular. My 20P is one of the originals, manufactured and installed in 2002 so Version 1.0 I believe. To start do I need to replace the 20P board and reprogram the unit for this Honeywell communicator to work? I did order and return an Uplink 4530EX because it was recommended as the only one to work with my 'old' 20P but the Uplink couldn't find an AT&T cellular signal. Now my alleged security company is recommending a BAT CDMA unit to use Verizon but that requires replacing the 20P board. When I mentioned the Honeywell 4G device to my alarm company they made a comment about AlarmNet not being an easy service for other monitors to deal with so they keep pointing me away. I'm not exactly happy with my present company but the devil you know. Bottom line I need a one shot solution to this and not keep wasting my time with a 'try this then that' approach. Can you solve my alarm system wishes and issues in one shot, meaning, {do this, do this and do this}?
Yes, the GSMV4G should work with that system and we offer no-contract monitoring plans online at if you were interested in working with us.
I just double checked it, and I have version 9.12, so I should be good to go.
In most cases, the internal antenna which is built into the GSMV4G should be sufficient. We can also check your signal strength once activated and let you know about options for improving the signal strength as needed (antenna or cellular amplifier). I am curious though, what is your VISTA-20P's PROM number? It should be a 'WA' number listed on a white sticker on the black PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board which is located inside your metal alarm cabinet.
I have a Vista 20P right now and use the phone line to contact alarm company. I want to switch over to cellular, and go with this GSMV4G. Do I need an external antenna, or is this unit good to go without?
The GSMV4G is certainly compatible with the VISTA-20P. However you cannot really use the EV4 with an AlarmNet GSM backup. I believe you can use the EV4 to "shadow" the GSM. The GSM would be the primary radio with a Honeywell dealer like us and it would require our gold level service. If you want true dual path (internet as primary and cellular back) you will need the iGSMV4G:
I have the Vista20p alarm panel, with an Envisalink 4 / EyezOn and IP monitoring. I'm wanting to add a cellular backup, would this product be compatible?
You probably need a firmware update. I don't see that your email is active with an account with us so I imagine you are monitored by another company. You should contact them about checking to see if your communicator requires a firmware update. Otherwise, you can always switch to us and we can assist. Our no-contract plans are available online at
I have this unit and it occasionally locks up with a solid red light. The Vista 20P that is attached to it reports a Long Range Radio Failure, and the only way to recover is to power cycle the unit. Is there possibly a configuration issue or something wrong with the hardware?
The GSMV4G communicator has been approved for the following listings: UL Commercial (UL365 - Commercial Burg Alarm and UL1610 - Commercial Burg Alarm), UL Residential (UL985 - Residential Fire Alarm and UL1023 - Residential Burg Alarm), ETL Commercial (UL365 - Commercial Burg Alarm and UL1610 - Commercial Burg Alarm), ETL Residential (UL985 - Residential Fire Alarm and UL1023 - Residential Burg Alarm) CSFM (California State Fire Marshal).
Is the GSMV4G fire rated as well? I need to use it for combo burglar/fire system?
You will need the GSM-EXT ( ) cable also though as the 4G communicator has a slightly different connector port for adding an antenna.
Are you upgrading from the Honeywell GSMV to the GSMV4G? If you are using the Honeywell specified antenna for the 2G model it should work with the 4G model.
Hello , I am replacing a 2G radio to 4G , CAN I USE THE SAME EXISTING EXTENDED HIGH GAIN ANTENA, is it compatible ?? Thank You
Hi Kevin, I just emailed you the GSM-EXT installation guide which details the connection. Let us know if you need additional assistance and feel free to sign up for one of our no-contract plans online at once you are ready to activate.
I have the EXT cable as well.
Do you have just the GSM-ANT or do you also have the GSM-EXT cable?
I am trying to add an antenna extension (GSM-ANT) to this communicator. Which end of the black cable do I disconnect? Is it the one on top or the one connected behind the raised board?
I'm not sure that we can get that cable. Do you happen to have a model number so we can check?
I am looking for the little black cable in the GSMV4G radio that is on the left side of the board. Do you carry those or know where I can get them?
We don't offer two-way voice service at this time which is why we don't offer it.
Any thoughts on carrying the AVS units? Is there a better solution?
We don't sell the AVS so I'm not sure about a PROM upgrade. I would assume, you'd need to purchase a new AVS though if you want to use two-way voice with the new GSMV4G.
I recently purchased this to replace my GSMV 3G communicator. I have the correct firmware in my panel, but it included a note that my Audio Verification System needs to be at version 1.7. The circuit board says 1.6 in my existing AVS. Do you sell the honeywell AVS? Is there an upgrade path? Is there a way to buy just the circuit board?
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