Standalone PowerG Wireless Transceiver

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The DSC HSM2HOST9 is a wireless transceiver for a DSC PowerSeries NEO System. This is a standalone module that adds wireless PowerG support for a NEO Panel. This is the module to use if you already have a system keypad, but you want to add wireless sensor support. Buy the HSM2HOST9 here.
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The DSC HSM2HOST9 PowerG Wireless Transceiver adds support for PowerG Wireless Sensors to a DSC PowerSeries NEO Security System. The device connects with your PowerSeries NEO Panel and makes it compatible with the versatile and effective PowerG Sensors that operate at the 915 MHz frequency.

Most users who are looking to add PowerG support to a PowerSeries NEO will add a DSC HS2LCDRF9 N Keypad. This keypad includes a built-in wireless transceiver for this purpose. Since you need to add a keypad to the system anyway, it's usually just easiest to use the DSC HS2LCDRF9 Keypad if you plan on using wireless sensors. The only reason to add a DSC HSM2HOST9 Wireless Transceiver Module is if you already happen to have a keypad, and you only need to add PowerG Sensor support.

The PowerG Wireless Sensors are some of the best devices in the security industry. They offer an excellent advertised wireless range of 2km when used with a direct line of sight. You can increase this range to 4km with direct line of sight by adding a PowerG Wireless Repeater. The PowerG Sensors also utilize 128-bit AES encryption in all their communications. This makes them virtually impossible to hack or takeover wirelessly. These are some of the safest and most secure sensors on the market, and you will have peace of mind when using them.

The DSC HSM2HOST9 comes with a case and wall tamper to let the system know if anyone tries to open or disable the device. Status LED lights allow the user to quickly check the condition of the module. The device measures 161mm x 161mm x 50mm. It uses a 12VDC transformer and has a maximum 60mA board current draw. A backup battery is needed for backup power in case the electricity goes out.

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