Hardwired LCD Alarm Keypad w/ Integrated PowerG Transceiver for PowerSeries NEO

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The DSC HS2LCDRF9 N is the recommended primary keypad for a DSC PowerSeries NEO System. It has a built-in PowerG Wireless Transceiver for using PowerG Wireless Sensors. Anyone who wants to use wireless sensors with their PowerSeries NEO should strongly consider the HS2LCDRF9 N. Buy it here.
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The DSC HS2LCDRF9 N is a DSC PowerSeries NEO Keypad that includes a built-in PowerG Wireless Transceiver for using PowerG Wireless Sensors with the system. This is the recommended option for anyone who needs a primary keypad for their NEO System and is planning to use wireless sensors.

The best way to understand the DSC HS2LCDRF9 N is to look at it as a DSC HS2LCD N Keypad with an added wireless transceiver. These keypads are basically the same, but the HS2LCDRF9 N has the built-in wireless transceiver for using PowerG Wireless Sensors. Since you need a keypad to control and program the NEO System anyway, you may as well add this keypad if you intend on enrolling wireless sensors. Doing this will save you the trouble of having to add a wireless transceiver module later. Of course, if you plan to use exclusively hardwired sensors, then you should get the HS2LCD N Keypad instead.

On that same note, it really only makes sense to use the DSC HS2LCDRF9 N as a primary system keypad. You can only use one wireless transceiver with a DSC PowerSeries NEO System. The system will not support a second wireless transceiver. This is fine, as the 2km open air wireless range of the PowerG Sensors (4km with added repeater) should cover your entire building. Adding a second DSC HS2LCDRF9 N Keypad doesn't make sense, as adding a second wireless transceiver is pointless. If you already have a DSC HS2LCDRF9 N, and you want a second keypad, you should just add a DSC HS2LCD N instead. You might also consider a DSC HS2LCDP N Keypad if you want proximity tag support.

If you do decide to go with the DSC HS2LCDRF9 N, you will get a perfectly functional primary keypad. This device can be used for system programming and basic operation like arming and disarming. It includes a 32-character LCD display screen. The blue LCD screen is backlit, and the keys are also backlit for operating the keypad at night. You can adjust the brightness to your liking. Chime functions are included to let you know when zones are faulted. There is support for six (6) languages. The keypad also features five (5) programmable function keys and an outdoor temperature display. Also included are fire, medical, and panic keys, as well as an input/output terminal. The keypad dimensions are 168mm x 122mm x 20mm.

Please note that most DSC PowerSeries NEO Systems will allow you to add up to eight (8) keypads. However, the 128-zone DSC PowerSeries NEO HS2128NK System will let you add a maximum of 16 keypads. When connecting the keypad, you will want to wire it in directly to the Corbus on the panel.

Users who don't want to mount the keypad to the wall can get great results out of DSC HS2LCDWFDMK Desk Mount. This will let you conveniently stand the keypad on a desk or table. This will eliminate the need for drilling holes into the wall to complete the installation.

Note: If you already have a keypad for your NEO system, you can add a DSC HSM2HOST9 Standalone PowerG Transceiver to add PowerG Wireless Sensor support for your system.

Brand: DSC

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