DSC SS-102

Seismic Shock Sensor w/ Tamper

Dsc ss 102 seismic shock sensor w slash tamper
  • Dsc ss 102 seismic shock sensor w slash tamper
  • Dsc ss 102 internal seismic shock sensor w slash tamper
  • Dsc ss 102 boxed seismic shock sensor w slash tamper

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The SS-102 is a hardwired shock sensor that alerts a system to shockwaves that occur when a door or a window is broken by an intruder. The device features anti-tamper protection, and its sensitivity can be adjusted to prevent false alarms. Purchase the DSC SS-102 Shock Sensor from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC SS-102 Seismic Shock Sensor with Tamper is designed to alert an alarm system when a door or a window is broken. This hardwired sensor will detect any associated shockwaves and alert the system to a potential break-in. It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The device provides some great features that make it easier to use. A bi-colored LED light will indicate whether any given attack was minor or major. The device's tamper switch will alert the system if anyone tries to open up or disable the device. The device is also moisture-resistant, though it should be placed in an indoor environment. The sensitivity for the device can be adjusted to prevent false alarms, while still allowing it to work reliably. We recommend testing the device after installation for proper function.

Brand: DSC

Great Wired Shock Sensor!
Submitted on 01/02/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC SS-102 is a wired shock sensor that is used with hardwired security systems. It activates upon detecting the associated shockwaves of a door or window being struck with force. The sensor works really well, and it offers some nice features that help it stand out. It does not have many downsides, and it is a good option if you are looking for a wired shock sensor for a security system. We think this is a great product, and we give it a 5-Star Rating.

There are many things we like about the DSC SS-102. For one, it is reliable at detecting shockwaves that occur due to a window or door being broken or smashed. The sensor comes equipped with an LED light that will provide an indication of whether the detected shockwaves were major or minor. This can be useful in determining if a serious break-in occurred, or if it was just something minor that caused a small tremor. The device is moisture-resistant, which is good if it accidentally gets exposed to rain or other sources of liquid. We also like the fact that the DSC SS-102 has a tamper switch to let the system know if someone tries to open or disable the sensor. And you can adjust the device's sensitivity to the desired level.

There are not many downsides to the DSC SS-102. Perhaps the biggest negative is the fact that this is a fairly old sensor with a somewhat dated design. Also, we find that listening-based glass break sensors are better at preventing false alarms than shock-detection sensors like this one. And although this sensor is moisture-resistant, it should not be submerged in liquid, and it is for indoor use only. But still, if you need a wired shock sensor for your system, then this is a very good option. We give it 5 Stars, and we can recommend using it.

Good: Reliable, LED Light, Moisture-Resistant, Tamper Switch, Sensitivity Adjustments

Bad: Old Sensor, Outdated Design, Shock-Sensing May Lead to False Alarms, Indoor Use Only

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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