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Honeywell vista 10psia alarm control panel

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The Honeywell VISTA-10PSIA is a special version of the VISTA-10P alarm control panel. Unlike the VISTA-10P, the VISTA-10PSIA is a certifi...

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The Honeywell VISTA-10PSIA is a special version of the VISTA-10P alarm control panel. Unlike the VISTA-10P, the VISTA-10PSIA is a certified SIA compliant alarm control panel that meets the Security Industry Association (SIA) specifications for false alarm reduction. With the VISTA-10PSIA, you get all of the great benefits of a Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel along with the added benefit of the control panel meeting the requirement for all cities and states that have adopted SIA CP-01 standards.

SIA published the ANSI/SIA CP-01 standards document so that alarm manufacturers could develop systems that are specifically designed to limit the potential for false alarms. False alarms are a major problem in the alarm industry because they result in police and fire departments deploying scarce resources to non-emergency situations. When a police department responds to enough false alarms, they begin to treat all alarms as false alarms. Just like the boy who cried wolf, when the real emergency finally occurs, the rapid response required is not present. False alarms are also a nuisance to you because they often lead to false alarm fines. As police departments waste valuable time and money responding to false alarms, they have begun to enact fines to help recoup some of the cost of sending their officers out to non-emergency situations. With a recurring false alarm problem, these fines can quickly add up and become a burden on the alarm user. Eventually you are left to decide between protecting your property by arming your system or leaving your system disarmed because you are worried about the cost of false alarm fines. We recommend choosing a SIA alarm control panel with every new security system purchase. Not only does the Honeywell VISTA-10PSIA alarm control panel reduce your chance of having to pay expensive false alarm fines, but you also have more confidence that when the alarm does go off, it is a real emergency. If you have ever dealt with frequent false alarms, you should seriously consider upgrading to a SIA compliant alarm control panel to fix your issue.

The Honeywell VISTA-10PSIA alarm control panel has certain programming features set by default to limit the chance of a false alarm from occurring. A VISTA-10P alarm control panel can also be programmed with the following settings if you wish to limit false alarms, but a VISTA-10P programmed with the SIA settings will still not be certified SIA compliant. In programming field *31, the ‘Single Alarm Sounding per Zone’ feature can be set to ‘0’, ‘1’ or ‘2’. If you select ‘0’, the ‘Alarm Sounding per Zone’ feature will be the same as the ‘Number of Reports in Armed Period’ feature which is set in field *93. The VISTA-10PSIA does not allow you to set the ‘Exit Delay’ feature in field *34 to anything less than (45) seconds. You also cannot set the ‘Entry Delay 1’ or ‘Entry Delay 2’ features in fields *35 and *36 respectively to anything less than (30) seconds. While a VISTA-10P will allow you to enable or disable the ‘Audible Exit Warning’ in field *37, the VISTA-10PSIA does not have a field *37 and the ‘Audible Exit Warning’ is always enabled. In field *39, the ‘Power Up in Previous State’ feature must be set to ‘1’ so that the VISTA-10PSIA always powers up in the previous state. If you have your VISTA-10PSIA monitored over a phone line and your phone system uses call waiting, you must enable the ‘Call Waiting Disable’ option in field *91. In field *50, the ‘Burglary Dial Delay’ cannot be set to less than (30) seconds. In field *59, the ‘Exit Error Alarm Report Code’ is always enabled and cannot be disabled. In field *68, the ‘Cancel Report Code’ can be enabled or disabled but is enabled by default. In field *69, the ‘Recent Closing Report Code’ is always enabled. In field *91, the ‘Option Selection: Exit Delay’ feature should be enabled for SIA compliant installations. Finally, in field *92, the ‘No. Report in Armed Period’ feature must be set for (1) or (2) report pairs. Each of these programming options within a Honeywell VISTA-10PSIA alarm control panel are designed to limit the potential for a false alarm.


Submitted on 10/17/2012

I wanted to protect my warehouse. It's a simple building with just 2 doors and one overhead door but I checked with my city hall and they told me I had to use a SIA system. Even though the system is basic, it meets the requirements and I know I won't have false alarm fines. Recommended for anyone that has to use a SIA system.

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