DSC Iotega

Homekit Compatible Wireless Security System, Integrated Verizon LTE Communicator

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The DSC Iotega is a wireless system with no local programming. It supports DSC PowerG Sensors and is HomeKit compatible. The system includes built-in WIFI and serves as a Z-Wave Plus controller. The built-in Verizon LTE Communicator allows for dual-path connectivity. Buy the DSC Iotega here.
  • Z-Wave
  • Z-Wave Plus
  • Google Home
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Alarm.com
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The DSC Iotega Wireless Security System is an option for users looking for a new security system. However, it is not the best choice for DIY users. This is because the system does not offer the option for local end user programming. But the system is unique in being HomeKit compatible.

If you decide to purchase a DSC Iotega, you should know what you are getting into. No end user programming means that you must contact your alarm monitoring company every time you want to make programming changes. This includes minor tasks like adding new sensor or changing zone settings. This can be inconvenient, as most end users will want to be able to quickly make these changes if needed. Unfortunately, the Iotega is sorely lacking in this department.

Many iOS users are attracted to the Iotega for its HomeKit capabilities. This is a pretty cool feature, as you can use Siri voice commands from virtually anywhere to control your system. You will need a HomeKit Hub on the same WIFI network as your Iotega System to make this possible. An AppleTV (4th gen or higher), an iPad, or an Apple HomePod can be used as the hub. The Iotega can also be included with HomeKit Smart Scenes to increase its functionality.

Not being able to perform local programming makes the Iotega a difficult system to recommend. If HomeKit compatibility is a big-selling point for you, then you might consider the Resideo Lyric Controller instead. That system is also HomeKit compatible, and it allows for easy end user programming. The Lyric is better-suited for DIY users who want to be empowered and in full control over their security system. Keep this in mind when making your purchasing decision.

There is one major niche that the Iotega fills that no other current system offers. The Iotega is capable of supporting both Apple HomeKit and DSC PowerG Series Sensors. The PowerG Sensors have some of the best wireless range in the entire industry. These sensors have an advertised wireless range of 2km direct line of sight when used with certain panels. If you need a HomeKit compatible system with support for extended range sensors, then the Iotega might fill your need. You can even use the PowerG Repeater to effectively double this range. These sensors also support 128-bit AES encryption, making them extra secure.

Please note that only the PowerG Sensors work with the Iotega System. The panel does not provide any legacy support for older wireless sensors. And since the Iotega has no compatible wired to wireless converter, there is absolutely no way to use hardwired sensors with the system. If you want a wireless system with PowerG support, you might consider the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. That system allows for end user programming, and it supports PowerG Sensors and the choice of one legacy sensor frequency option (319.5 MHz, 345 MHz, or 433 MHz). The IQ2+ also has a compatible wired to wireless converter, makes it easier to replace a hardwired system.

The Iotega is considered an all-in-one system, as it has an integrated touchpad keypad on its top. The keypad will disappear when not in use. Waving your hand over the keypad will cause it to activate it. You can then use this integrate touchpad to arm and disarm your system. The panel also features LED lights to indicate current system status and connectivity with the network. Although it is relatively utilitarian in design, the system does fulfill basic operation needs. You can also add external keypads with the DSC Wireless Arming Station and the DSC Iotega Touchscreen Keypad.

This version of the DSC Iotega uses a built-in Verizon LTE communicator to connect with Alarm.com. This is an interactive service platform that allows users to control their systems remotely. This service lets users arm and disarm, check system status, control home automation devices, view the live feed for cameras and more. You will need a Gold Level monitoring plan or higher to activate the cellular communicator and connect with Alarm.com. The system is also dual-path ready with its built in WIFI card. Meanwhile, the built-in Z-Wave Plus controller inside the Iotega makes the system great for pairing with the smart home features of Alarm.com.

The specifications of the Iotega are fairly robust. The panel supports 128 wireless zones. But remember, they must be programmed remotely by an alarm monitoring company. The system supports up to 99 user codes, which is great if you plan to have multiple users accessing the system. You can setup two (2) different partitions on the system. The panel has an internal sounder rated at 85 dB. A plug in transformer provides primary power. The system has 4-hour and 24-hour battery backup options available. The battery can be replaced by the end user when needed. The panel measures in at 5.70"L x 5.10"W x 1.49"D.

Brand: DSC

No End User Programming
Submitted on 05/20/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC Iotega is a wireless all-in-one security system with no local end user programming. DSC packed a bunch of features into this panel, but leaving out end user programming makes it a poor option overall for DIY users. The wireless system doesn't even have a touchscreen display, which is fairly standard for wireless security systems as of 2020. We do not recommend using the DSC Iotega, as there are many options out there that are better-suited for DIY users. The only reason that we even give this system 2 Stars is because it is indeed loaded with features.

And those features make up what is good about the DSC Iotega. It supports PowerG Sensors, which are widely regarded as some of the best in the industry due to their incredible wireless range and military grade encryption. The system features built-in Z-Wave Plus, which is great for building an automation network. Just keep in mind that since there is no touchscreen, you must control your Z-Wave devices remotely through Alarm.com. Speaking of ADC, we like the fact that you can operate the Iotega remotely through that service.

But the downsides to the DSC Iotega are severe. The system does not support local end user programming, and all programming must be done remotely by your alarm monitoring company. This is incredibly inconvenient, and it makes us unable to recommend this system. If DSC had put local programming into the Iotega, we would like the system a lot more. Another downside is that there is no touchscreen for the system. There is just an LCD numeric keypad. Most users will find this to be unfriendly and not very inviting. Because of these major downsides, we only give the DSC Iotega a 2 Star rating.

Good: PowerG Sensor Support, Built-In Z-Wave Plus, Alarm.com

Bad: No End User Programming, No Touchscreen

Bottom Line: 2 Stars

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