GE 28172

Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Switch

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The GE 28172 Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Switch provides Z-Wave control for a connected lamp. All you need to do is plug the module in, pair it with your Z-Wave controller, and connect a lamp to the designated end. You can then control the lamp from anywhere. Purchase the GE 28172 from Alarm Grid.
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The GE 28172 from Jasco is a Z-Wave Plus plug-in smart switch designed for use with a lamp. This handy device will let you turn your lights on and off from anywhere by pairing it with a Z-Wave network. Users will have no trouble setting up the GE 28172 and using it to control their lights.

Being able to control a lamp from anywhere can be very convenient for anyone. It is very easy to get started with the GE 28172. Just plug the device into a regular wall outlet. Learn the device into your Z-Wave network (remember to clear it from the network first). Then plug the lamp into the designated port. Another electrical device can be connected to the other end for receiving power (non-Z-Wave). The Z-Wave port is designed for lighting devices only.

It is important to make sure that the lamp used with the GE 28172 does not exceed the maximum allowed load. The Z-Wave controlled outlet can only support 600W Incandescent or 1800W Resistive. Both outlets together (Z-Wave and non-Z-Wave) cannot exceed 15A, 1800W Resistive. Keep this in mind when planning your smart lighting setup.

The GE 28172 includes a convenient button for turning the connected light on and off. This button is also used when enrolling and excluding the GE 28172 from a Z-Wave network. This module does not include a dimming function. If you want a smart light switch with dimming capabilities you can purchase the GE 28170 instead.

A great aspect of the GE 28172 is that it uses Z-Wave Plus technology. This means that it has superior range over standard Z-Wave devices when used with a compatible Z-Wave Plus controller. The smart module can also be used with a standard Z-Wave controller, but this will limit the device's wireless range. A Z-Wave signal can pass through a maximum of four (4) Z-Wave devices as it travels to its destination. Make sure to take this into consideration when designing your Z-Wave network.

Brand: GE Security

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