How Does The Z-Wave Light Status Feature Work With

The Z-Wave light status feature with works by displaying the current status for Z-Wave lights programmed with the user's panel. The user can check to see the current status for their lights. However, there is a limit to the number of lights that can be used in this way. has a limit of ten (10) lights that can be used to display current status. But there is an exception to this rule. Any "certified" light which provides real-time status doesn't count towards this limit. This is an exclusive list put out by Only certain Z-Wave Plus lights are included in the list. There are no classic Z-Wave lights that are certified by

You can certainly use classic Z-Wave lights with They will enroll with your Z-Wave network without issue. The same is true for Z-Wave Plus lights that are not yet "certified". But you can only see the current status for up to ten (10) of these "uncertified" Z-Wave lighting devices. For "certified" lights, you can see the status for as many as you have added.

You can enroll additional "uncertified" devices beyond this limit, and you can even control these extra devices from But you won't be able to check the current ON/OFF status of them from In other words, won't know the current status for these lights. If you are away from the premises, you won't necessarily know whether the light is being turned ON or OFF. You will be toggling the lights blindly.

By default, light status is enabled for the first ten (10) light devices added to an account. Light status can be enabled/disabled for additional individual devices by following these steps:

  1. Log into the customer account via the website. This cannot be edited via the App.
  2. Go to the "lights" card, and click on the > symbol.
  3. Click the gear icon for the light you want to edit.
  4. Click the "Show Light Status" toggle switch. This option will only be available if you have more than ten (10) lights associated with the account.
  5. Click X to save and exit.

Below are the "certified real-time status" Z-Wave Plus lights for



The lights listed below have been tested and will work with, but do not provide "real-time status" and do count against the 10-light limit:


  • Leviton In-wall Switch (DZ15S)
  • Leviton In-wall Dimmer (DZ6HD - 600W)
  • Leviton Plug-in Outlet (DZPA1)
  • Leviton Plug-in Dimmer (DZPD3)
  • Jasco Enbrighten Smart LED Bulb A19 (39723)
  • Jasco In-Wall Dimmer Toggle (14322, 14296)
  • Jasco Dimmer Switch Toggle (14319, 14293)

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According to the knowledge base, this feature has not changed. So, no, there is still a limit of 10.
Hi! Do you know if now you can add more than 10 lights in the plataform?

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