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Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Dimmer


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The GE 28170 is a Z-Wave Plus plug-in smart dimmer module designed to offer easy and convenient control for a connected lamp. Just plugin the module, enroll it to a Z-Wave hub, and connect the lamp you want to control. A pass-through outlet is found on the other side. Buy the GE 28170 here.
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The GE 28170 Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Dimmer from Jasco is a convenient module that lets you provide Z-Wave Plus control for a connected lamp. This will let you turn the lights on and off remotely using an associated mobile app. This plug and play device is very simple for end users to set up.

To use the GE 28170, simply plug the device into a standard wall outlet. Then learn the device into your Z-Wave controller. Remember to clear the device before attempting to add it to the network. Then connect the light you want to control to the outlet designated Z-Wave Plus. You can connect another device to the other end for basic power (non-Z-Wave).

When choosing a light to use with the GE 28170, you must make sure that it does not exceed the maximum power load. The maximum load for the Z-Wave Plus outlet is 2.5A. This means you can use up to 300W incandescent or 100W dimmable CFL/LED. The total maximum load for both outlets (Z-Wave and non-Z-Wave) cannot excess 15A or 1800W.

On the top of the GE 28170 is convenient button for manually controlling the lamp. A single press will turn the connected lamp on and off. Holding the button down will allow you to dim or brighten the light to the desired level. You also use this button when enrolling or excluding the device from the Z-Wave network.

As a Z-Wave Plus device, the GE 28170 has a superior range over classic Z-Wave devices. To achieve this improved range, you must use the GE28170 with a Z-Wave Plus controller. You can use the GE 28170 with a standard Z-Wave controller, but doing so will only offer it the range of a classic Z-Wave device. Remember, Z-Wave signals can hop through four (4) devices on their way to their intended destination. Keep this in mind when planning your Z-Wave network.

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