Honeywell 1332

AC Transformer 9VAC, 15VA

Honeywell 1332 ac transformer 9vac 15va

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The Honeywell 1332 is an AC transformer with an output voltage of 9VAC and a power rating of 15VA. The 1332 is a step down transformer th...

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The Honeywell 1332 is an AC transformer with an output voltage of 9VAC and a power rating of 15VA. The 1332 is a step down transformer that takes the 110VAC voltage from your wall outlet and turns it into an output voltage of 9VAC to power various Honeywell security products.

Honeywell used to include the 1332 transformer with its AlarmNet GSMV cellular alarm communicator. However, now that a single 1361 16.5VAC, 40VA transformer can be used to power both the GSMV and a VISTA-10P, VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P alarm control panel, they have begun shipping the 1361 with the GSMV to help with the ease of installation.

The 1332 AC transformer can power the original LYNX, LYNXR, LYNXR24 and LYNXR-EN wireless alarm control panels. However, as the Honeywell LYNX Series wireless alarm control panels have been upgraded so much since the original models, the 1332 does not provide enough output voltage to power the newer L3000 LYNX Plus or L5000 and L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panels.

The Honeywell 1332 is the recommended transformer for the 5800RP wireless repeater, the 5843 wireless switch module and the 5800RL wireless relay module. With each of these Honeywell devices, you will need to purchase (2) conductor alarm wire separately to connect the transformer. The 1332 has screw terminals on the backside of the transformer. You will need to strip back the sheathing from the red and black conductors and land a wire under each of the terminal screws. We find it easiest to make a hook at the end of the wire. You can then use the curved end of the wire to hook the wire around the screw, underneath the screw head. When you tighten down the screws, the curved wire will make a good solid connection with the metal screw to ensure a reliable power source. Be careful that you don’t leave any exposed wire sticking out of the screw terminals. Also, make sure to never make wire connections while the 1332 AC transformer is plugged into a wall outlet. If you wire the transformer while it is plugged in, you run the risk of blowing out the internal fuse. The fuse cannot be fixed or replaced and your 1332 will be useless. Alarm Grid does not offer refunds or exchanges on any transformer so please be careful. However, as long as you always make your connections with the 1332 unplugged, you should never have an issue with blown fuses.

You will notice there is a flange at the top of the 1332 transformer. A small screw will be attached to the flange with a red plastic washer. Most people remove this screw because they aren’t able to plug the transformer in while the screw is sticking out. However, for a professional installation, you should use this screw to secure your transformer to your plastic outlet cover. A traditional wall outlet will have (2) plugs and a screw in the middle of the plugs holding the plastic cover to the actual outlet. You should remove the screw from the outlet cover and plug the 1332 transformer into the bottom plug. You can then use the transformer’s screw to secure the transformer to the outlet cover and the outlet cover to the outlet. By installing the 1332 transformer this way, you will prevent someone from accidentally unplugging your alarm device.


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