What Kind of Wire Should I Use to Power My Honeywell Home Security Panel?

An 18-gauge, 2-conductor wire is the kind of wire you should use to put in your Honeywell home security system. The wire will connect the panel to the transformer that plugs into the wall. The Honeywell LT-Cable is a wire manufactured by Honeywell specifically for these applications.

Before attempting to wire a Honeywell control panel, you will need to make sure that you have the correct transformer for your system. Some Honeywell systems use an AC transformer, while others use a DC transformer. As a general rule, the VISTA Series Panels and the Lynx Plus L3000 will use AC transformers. Meanwhile, all of the Lynx Touch Panels and the Lyric Controller will use DC transformers. Using the incorrect transformer could seriously damage the system. Therefore, you should be absolutely sure that the correct transformer is being used before attempting any wiring. It is also a good idea to shut off the electricity for the wall outlet from the circuit breaker before wiring is complete.

The table below shows the appropriate transformer for the Honeywell Systems offered by Alarm Grid:

(Note: Only if GSMV4G or iGSMV4G communicator is NOT being used)
Honeywell 1321 16.5VAC 25VA AC Transformer
(Note: Also any other VISTA Panel that is using either a GSMV4G or a iGSMV4G communicator)
Honeywell 1361-GT 16.5VAC 40VA AC Transformer
Lynx Plus L3000 Honeywell K10145WH 9VAC 25VA AC Transformer
Any Lynx Touch (L5000, L5100, L5200, L5210, L7000), Lyric Controller, Lyric Gateway Honeywell 300-04705 9VDC 2.5VA DC Transformer

When connecting the wire, one end will screw in to the two connector ports on the transformer. The two inner wires of the 18-gauge 2-conductor will both need to be stripped before they can be connected to the transformer. Only about 1/2 of an inch of copper will need to be exposed. If a DC transformer is being used, make sure to connect the red wire to positive (+) and the black wire to negative (-). Polarity does not matter if an AC transformer is being used. No wire-stripping is necessary with the Honeywell LT-Cable, as the wire comes pre-prepared.

For a clean installation, it may be necessary to fish the wire through the wall to the control panel. This will typically require drilling and special wire fishing tools. This process is most commonly done for wireless all-in-one panels, where the system itself will serve as the primary access point. For hardwired systems, this step is often ignored, since the system may be placed in a hidden area, such as a basement, attic or closet. If you do decide to fish wire through walls, you should do so before connecting to the panel.

When it's time to connect to the panel, there should be a terminal for connecting power. This location varies between different Honeywell systems. Please consult the manual for your Honeywell control panel to determine the proper location for the connection.

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