Honeywell 5800WAVE

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Honeywell 5800wave wireless siren for lynxtouch series panels

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The Honeywell 5800WAVE is a wireless siren for a Honeywell wireless home security system. The 5800WAVE is ideal for the Honeywell LYNX se...
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The Honeywell 5800WAVE is a wireless siren for a Honeywell wireless home security system. The 5800WAVE is ideal for the Honeywell LYNX security systems as the LYNX control panels do not have enough auxiliary power to power a wired siren. It is also a great addition to an already existing Honeywell wired security system as you can provide extra alarm sirens without having to run new wires throughout the home or business. The wireless siren has an audible output of 95 dB at a distance of 3’.

The 5800WAVE wireless siren module has a radio frequency (RF) receiver and an integrated transmitter. Therefore, the siren can send module status (tamper, low battery and AC loss) to the security system and can display current security system status. Three LEDs on the front of the 5800WAVE show status of the unit as well as current security system status. The green LED will indicates AC power. The yellow LED indicates that the wireless siren is currently transmitting a status signal. The red LED will light up when the security system is armed. The red LED is also used during the RF link test to show poor RF signal strength back to the wireless receiver.

The Honeywell 5800WAVE is learned into your Honeywell wireless security system using a programmable House ID. Program a House ID code into your security system and then set the 5800WAVE DIP switches to match the House ID. You should set the DIP switches before plugging in the wireless siren.

The wireless siren is powered by a normal AC wall outlet. You should choose an outlet that has both top and bottom plugs open as the 5800WAVE will cover both plugs when installed. A mounting screw should be installed through the mounting screw hole and into the actual wall outlet cover plate to hold the wireless siren in place. The 5800WAVE does have a backup battery supply to provide up to (12) hours of use during a power outage.

The wireless siren does not take up a wireless zone if you are using the 5800WAVE without supervision. Therefore, you can add as many wireless sirens as you’d like to your wireless home security system. If you do want to supervise the device for tamper, AC loss, low battery or RF signal strength, you would need to program a wireless zone for supervision using the siren’s serial number.


No, it is only designed for indoor use.
Is the 5800WAVE waterproof for us outdoors ?
Happy to help and please do keep us updated if it continues to happen.
I agree it seems unlikely to have another in proximity and to have only had it go for a second or two. If it happens again I'll probably change the house code to rule it out. Was hoping you might have another idea or seen it before. Thanks for being so responsive!
It's possible another Honeywell wireless system in range of the siren, set to the same House ID, could trigger your siren but then it would have gone off for longer than a short time. Also, I would think it's unlikely for you to have another panel in range of your siren. You could try switching the House ID code in your system and on the DIP switches of the 5800WAVE to rule out this possibility.
It's the only thing in our bedroom that would make that kind of noise and it was pretty darn loud. The only thing I can think of is that something on the same frequency triggered it... But I have no idea how/why it would actually happen.
No, we haven't ever heard of that happening. Are you sure it was the 5800WAVE that made the noise?
Yes, it is a continuous siren sound like the LYNX Touch panels.
@sterling Have you ever seen this siren randomly go off for just one warble? We had it happen the other night and have no indication as to why.
Hi does this siren sounded? Is it the same as the Lynx panel with a continuous sound?
You just have to program a House ID code in field *24 and then set the DIP switches on the 5800WAVE to match that House ID code. There is no "enroll siren" mode. Once the dip switches match the House ID of the panel, the 5800WAVE should sound the alarm once the LYNX Plus is in alarm mode.
I would like to know how I can add a wireless siren to my system since I don't see the enroll siren mode on the lynx's plus
We look forward to working with you.
Okay, thank you for all your help. Will be registering with your alarm services soon I hope. Thanks
The green LED goes off when it's unplugged. There is no light to indicate AC loss but if you have the maintenance zone programmed, it would report as a Low Battery trouble. You may want to read through the installation guide - for more detailed info on the LEDs and maintenance zone.
My understanding is when it loses power or is unplugged that a light on the siren comes on or blinked indicating that. At least that's what I remember last time I unplugged it. Do I remember that incorrectly? Thank you.
It sounds like you simply unplugged the siren which caused the low battery alert. That's exactly how it's supposed to work so I'm not sure why you'd think there is a bigger issue at hand.
We were rearranging the room for guests and I noticed a light other than the green was on. (Fail to remember which, maybe yellow.) I unplugged it to move it to another outlet and it completely powered off. This is plugged into a décor outlet, so I don't have the magnet on it since it leans a bit. Since I have décor everywhere, it's not a simple process to move the siren when needed. I know the siren works as I didn't shut one door on time the other day and the siren went off. Makes me wonder if there is a bigger issue at hand.
What made you think the battery was low in the first place? If you have the siren maintenance zone programmed, it will report AC loss and low battery events as Low Battery troubles. Therefore, you may have just had a power outage and not a real low battery event.
Thanks. The battery was factory labeled 11/13, so one would think it would still be good. There was a surface charge on the battery when I pulled it out. When I put it back together the red light stayed on. I unplugged it and back in again and only the green stayed on. So it thinks the battery is charged, but maybe there is a bigger issue. Since it uses the same battery as the 5100, maybe I'll order the SHA for the 5100 and put that battery in the WAVE to see if that fixed the issue. Thanks.
No, they should last longer than that. The replacement is the same battery that the LYNX Touch panels use. There are three versions depending on the run time you need. They are all available at
My backup battery failed after less than a year, is that typical of these? What is the part number for replacement? Thank you.
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