Honeywell 5802WXT

Wireless Panic Button

Honeywell 5802wxt wireless panic button
  • Honeywell 5802wxt wireless panic button
  • Honeywell 5802wxt belt clip
  • Honeywell 5802wxt keychain
  • Honeywell 5802wxt wristband
  • Honeywell 5802wxt pendant

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The Honeywell 5802WXT is a wireless panic button that can be used with any Honeywell wireless security system. Each 5802WXT includes a ne...
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The Honeywell 5802WXT is a wireless panic button that can be used with any Honeywell wireless security system. Each 5802WXT includes a necklace, wristband and belt clip so that you can wear your wireless panic button in a variety of ways. The 5802WXT is a newer and better version of the Honeywell 5802MN wireless panic button. While both devices can trigger an alarm with the touch of a button, the 5802WXT looks much cleaner and is a smaller round device. The 5802MN is larger and rectangular. If you would rather use a (2) button wireless panic button, you should look at the Honeywell 5802WXT-2 instead. As the 5802WXT-2 can only be triggered by pressing and holding both buttons at the same time, some people find that it is better for minimizing false alarms.

The 5802WXT wireless panic button is a great addition to a Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel. You can also add the 5802WXT to any VISTA Series alarm control panel that has been upgraded with a Honeywell wireless receiver. The wireless panic button will use up (1) wireless zone when programmed to your alarm control panel. When programming the 5802WXT, you can choose to enroll is as an ‘RF’ input type or as a ‘UR’ input type. If you choose ‘RF’, the 5802WXT will be supervised by your wireless alarm control panel or wireless receiver. The wireless transmitter will send an automatic message to the panel or receiver every 70-90 minutes. This supervision signal will include battery status for the 5802WXT so you will know right away when the battery is getting low. Also, if you take the 5802WXT out of range of your Honeywell wireless receiver or control panel, a supervision error will be displayed for the zone programmed for the wireless panic. If you intend to leave your home with your wireless panic button (if you have it attached to your keychain), you should program the 5802WXT with a ‘UR’ (unsupervised) input type to avoid unnecessary trouble signals. Regardless of whether you choose to program your 5802WXT as supervised or unsupervised, you should program it as loop 1 and choose the proper zone type response. The most common zone type responses for a 5802WXT is ‘24 Hour Silent’ for a silent panic alarm or ‘24 Hour Audible’ for an audible panic alarm. Please program the 5802WXT based on the type of response you want when the panic button is depressed.

To activate an alarm from your Honeywell 5802WXT, you must press and hold the panic button for (2) seconds. The panic button is slightly recessed to prevent accidental activations. Also, the recessed button allows you to easily feel for the panic even if you have it in your pocket or you are in the dark. You can wear the 5802WXT in whichever way is most convenient for you. Use the included lanyard to wear the 5802WXT around your neck as a necklace. Use the included wristband to wear the 5802WXT around your wrist for easy access at all times. Use the included belt clip to wear the 5802WXT on your belt and finally, use the included keychain to keep your 5802WXT with your keys.

The Honeywell 5802WXT wireless panic button uses a 2032 3V lithium battery for power. When the battery is installed and fresh, an LED will light up with each panic button activation. After 4-7 years of use, the 5802WXT will eventually send a low battery signal to your Honeywell wireless security system. To replace the battery, you will need to remove the (4) screws from the 5802WXT and pry the old battery out using a flat head screwdriver. Wait (30) seconds before inserting a new 2032 lithium coin cell battery. With the POS+ side of the battery facing up, you should fit the battery under the gold tab and then reattach the cover using the (4) screws.


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