Wired to Wireless Security System Transmitters

Wired to wireless security system transmitters are needed for bringing wired devices to a wireless security panel. These transmitters come in many forms. Some also double as security sensors, while others are strictly for bringing hardwired devices to a wireless panel. Check out our selection below.
Honeywell 5800C2W - Hardwire to Wireless System 9-Zone Conversion Module
Honeywell 5800C2W
Hardwire to Wireless System 9-Zone Conversion Module
List Price: $122.00
Our Price: $69.99
Honeywell LyricC2WPK
Hybrid Wired Alarm System Takeover Kit for HomeKit
List Price:
Our Price: $321.99
Honeywell 5819S
Wireless Shock Sensor and Transmitter
List Price: $92.00
Our Price: $60.99
2GIG TAKE-345 - Front
Super Switch Wired to Wireless Takeover Module
List Price: $88.00
Our Price: $57.99
Interlogix TX-E231 - Circuit Board of Wireless Door/Window Sensor w/ Wired Contact Input
Interlogix TX-E231
Wireless Door/Window Sensor w/ Wired Contact Input
List Price: $38.00
Our Price: $25.99

When upgrading to a wireless system, it is very common to want to bring one’s old hardwired sensors to the new system. This can save a user a significant amount of time and money in not having to replace the old sensors. However, unlike hardwired systems, wireless security panels cannot readily interface with hardwired sensors. This is where wired to wireless security system transmitters come in. These devices allow you to bring your wired sensors to your new system.

A wired to wireless transmitter usually includes a circuit board where the hardwired sensors can wire in. The transmitter will then send a wireless signal to the security panel so that the wired sensors can communicate with the system. The wired sensors will then each need to be programmed with the system in their own individual wireless zones, along with their own serial number. Once everything has been set up, the hardwired sensors will function in the same manner as before when they were used with your old wired security system.

Some devices, such as the Honeywell 5800C2W and the IQ Hardwire 8-S are used only for using wired sensors with a wireless system. These devices are best used when a larger number of wired sensors need to be brought over to the new wireless system. Before purchasing one of these devices, you should check to see how many wired devices it will support. For example, the IQ Hardwire 8-S will support eight devices, while the IQ Hardwire 16-S will support 16 devices. Make sure to choose a converter that will support enough devices for your needs.

The other prominent type of wired to wireless security system transmitters are those that double as security sensors. One example of this is the Honeywell 5816 Door and Window Contact. This wireless sensor allows for a single normally closed hardwired device to interface with a wireless security system. In this case, the device would need to be programmed to the system twice, with each wireless zone having a different loop number. One zone would be for its regular use as a door and window contact. The other zone would be for connecting the normally closed wired device with the system. Please note that you will only need to program the device twice if both of these functions are being used with the system. Otherwise, one wireless zone will be enough.

Another common use of these transmitters is for using wired sirens with a wireless system. Often, a wireless system will not contain the bell output needed for a hardwired siren. Instead, there are kits available that allow for an external wired siren to be used with the system. Alarm Grid offers some of these kits that are specifically designed for use with wireless Honeywell Security Systems. One of the kits, the LYNX-EXT will allow the siren to connect wirelessly. The other, the LYNX-WEXT, will have the siren connect to the panel using a hardwired connection. Many of the best sirens available use hardwired connections.

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