Difference Between Alpha-Numeric Programming Keypads and Fixed-English Keypads

Difference Between Alpha-Numeric Programming Keypads and Fixed-English Keypads

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This video is about the Difference Between Alpha-Numeric Programming Keypads and Fixed-English Keypads.


I do iris joy from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about the difference between a sixty one sixty and a sixty one fifty keypad now these keypads work with a Vista system and we have one of each right here this right here is the sixty one sixty and this is the sixty one fifty the big difference between the two is the display the sixty one sixty has an alphanumeric display which can display full English including zone names in programming menus and different troubles with plenty of information the sixty one fifty on the other hand is a fixed English and it can only display whatever it has on its LCD screen so you won't get in-depth information about zones you won't get in-depth information about troubles and also the sixty one fifty can't actually access most of the programming menus on the system as it can't display the information so if you do have a Vista panel it's always recommended that you have a sixty one sixty installed on the system as this will allow you to enter any of the programming fields on the system and really reprogram whatever you need you can get stuck with the 60 150 to show you an example let's jump into installer programming we're going to enter four one one two eight zero zero and you'll notice that the sixty one sixty says installer code 20 whereas the sixty one fifty just says twenty now you can do some programming some basic programming on the sixty one fifty such as the regular field values if you go into the programming guide for the Vista panel you'll notice that the programming for the system starts in field star to zero which is the one that we're on and then goes from there there's a lot of stuff you can adjust with the 60 150 it's just that you're not going to get the end up zone information if you need to program zones if you go in a deep level programming you won't be able to see where you are and that and the trouble is is that if you can't see the menu that you're on you don't know if you've entered the right information or not and you can just get stuck and screw the system up now let's back out of programming so we'll do a star nine nine there's some other benefits that you do have to a sixty one sixty also on this 21ip we have two partitions setup partition want to end partition too and you'll notice that the 6160 tells you the name that you give to the partition the 6150 is on the same partition right now as you can see it's ready to arm but it's not going to tell you that partition name if we do the go-to which is your master code and then star and then the partition number we'll see that on the 6160 partition 2 you know when you're on partition 2 because it says it you can do the go-to on the 6150 we'll do the master code star 2 and it does move the keypad over to partition 2 but you're not going to have that visual indicator that's there let's move the 6160 back to partition 1 I've actually taken a wireless sensor of 5820 and I programmed it into the system on zone 10 and it's named wireless sensor this is on partition 1 so if I fought this will see that the 6160 does say hit star for faults and if we hit the star button will notice it says fault 10 wireless sensor so this is actually going to show you the Alpha of your sensor that you have programming into the system now on the 6150 you can see that you do see the zone number and it says that it's not ready to arm which means that something's faulted and I'll have to close it or bypass it before you can arm it but you're not going to get the actual alpha of the zone so you won't know which zone it is exactly unless you know which zone number is associated with what zone now if we go to partition 2 on the 6150 you'll see that it says ready ready to arm again it can be confusing if you have multiple partitions in your house because if this is open and this is faulted and then you go to see the 6150 and you don't realize that it's on partition 2 maybe you could give yourself a headache so if you are using partitions just for ease of mine it is recommended to use the 61 60s the 61 50s worked great but as a primary keypad or as a keypad where your system is more advanced and you have a lot of different going on you're gonna save yourself some trouble by getting the 61 60s for that so another cool thing that you can do with the 61 60 let me close this sensor so we'll clear the fault is you can set the time for the system and you can also set scheduled events on the on the system now the scheduling through the keypad it's not super advanced it's more of kind of a neat little feature you can have it armed disarmed at a certain time you can have a relay open or closed you can have a reminder message display and some other basic things like that it is a cool thing though if you do find some uses for it it's certainly available to you on the system and you just need your master code to program it the other thing you can do with the master code and the 6160 is set the time for the system and this is pretty easy to do all you have to do is just enter the master code pound and then 63 this will load up the the time setting menu and as you can see you can set the time the date am p.m. and then put the full data in you just hit star to go through each field enter the appropriate numbers for what you want and when you get to the a.m. p.m. slot 1 is a.m. and 2 is p.m. as you can see I had set this before so it is the correct time right now so I'm just gonna star through if you leave it sitting for 30 seconds it'll automatically back out also so now to show you what the scheduling looks like that's also easy to access you're just going to enter the master code pound 64 and as you can see it says enter scheduled number I do recommend checking out the programming guide there's a whole menu that shows you all the different scheduling options you have what they do and how they work so as you can see we're going to enter a zero zero to quit and now we're all set those features also you could only do with the 61 60 keypad it's another reason to have at least one of these on the system that's the difference between the 61 60 and the 61 50 if you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe you like to be updated when we post future videos click the notification button and we'll do so you have any questions about alarm systems or monitoring head over to our website give us a call eight at eight eight one eight seven seven to it you can also send us an email to support at alarm grid comm we hope to speak with you soon and have a great day