What does a bF error on a Honeywell alarm keypad mean?

If your Honeywell fixed English alarm keypad displays a bF trouble signal, you have a problem with your AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator. AlarmNet alarm communicators are also called Long Range Radios (LRR) and a bF trouble signal is associated with many different LRR problems. The most common reasons for a bF trouble signal is that the alarm communicator was not able to successfully transmit an alarm signal. If you have an internet alarm communicator, that could mean your internet connection is down. Perhaps there was a power outage and your modem and router lost power, or your internet service provider (ISP) may have had an interruption in service. If you have a cellular alarm communicator, the device may have lost connection with the AT&T cellular tower in your area. You should check with your AlarmNet dealer to see if your cellular communicator had a drop in cellular signal strength. These communication failure situations can resolve themselves and if the connection is restored, the AlarmNet alarm communicator should be able to automatically restore communications. The bF trouble signal will remain on your keypad until you acknowledge the trouble by pressing your code followed by the 'OFF' key. Your Honeywell security system wants to make sure that you are aware of the issue, even if it has already restored, and that is why the bF signal will remain on the keypad display even if the trouble is no longer present.

Another common reason for the bF signal, when first activating an AlarmNet communicator, is that the cover on the device is removed. AlarmNet devices have a built-in tamper so that you will be alerted if someone removes the cover of your communicator. When first activating your AlarmNet communicator, you have to remove the cover and therefore, many people end up getting the bF trouble signal once the device is active. If you simply put the cover back in place, and then go through a disarm sequence on your keypad (code + OFF), the bF signal should clear.

The bF signal can also be mistakenly read as a 6F signal as a lower case 'b' looks a lot like a '6' on a Honeywell fixed English alarm keypad. Please note that if you thought you had a 6F error message, it is the same thing as a bF trouble signal.

If you had an alphanumeric alarm keypad, the bF signal would actually be displayed as a 'Long Rng Trbl' which is short for a trouble with the long range radio.

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Yes, if you enter programming mode and press *97 followed by 1, you'll set the panel back to the default programming.
It is Honeywell Lynx plus, I have deleted all sensors to start from scratch. Is there a way to reset the panel to factory default?
What alarm system do you have? If it's a Honeywell system, it sounds like you have a fault on your zone 1. Do you know what zone 1 is for your system?
I have a "01 Fault" on my keypad, any ideas what this means or how rot get rid of it?
You can certainly try a power cycle of the panel and cellular communicator to see if the red LED goes out. If that doesn't work, you'll have to contact your alarm provider to see why the cell unit is offline.
I'm getting the bf prompt on my keypad, this is after we had a loss of power recently. This is running off cell communicator. Box w/ radio in it is showing red fault light on, and tx/rx blinking yellow intermittently. Wondering if I reboot the radio if it will reconnect to cell network? Also, if I kill power to reboot, will I set anything off? Sleeping baby.... Thanks!
Most Honeywell systems (even branded First Alerts panels) have the Auto Stay Arming feature enabled by default. This FAQ - https://www.alarmgrid.com/faq/why-does-my-lynx-touch-switch-back-to-stay-mode-when-i-arm-it-to-away-mode describes why you need to open and close an entry/exit zone after arming to away mode if you don't want the system to revert back to stay mode.
What is the issue with the Honeywell 1st Alert and attempting to arm, but it will revert back to stay mode with all devices in a ready position?
The 6150 is a Fixed English keypad. I suggest you get an alphanumeric keypad like the 6160 ( https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-6160 ) before attempting this programming.
I have an ademco 6150 LCD keypad. The bf check will clear temporarily, if I put the chime back on, then the beeping won't stop until I clear and turn chime off. Any suggestions?And how do you get into programming? Thanks
It sounds like you have a Fixed English keypad, not an alphanumeric keypad. It is possible to disable the radio in programming with that keypad but if you mis-type an entry, you will be blind in programming and then can easily make inadvertent programming changes. If you can enter programming and want to give it a try, you would have to press * 29 followed by 0 * and then * 99 to disable the alarm communicator.
I no longer have a provider but want to use the system just for the door chimes. The bf code continues to go off. Can I by passing it?
Thanks. I will try that again.
You should contact your alarm company and ask them to tell you what is causing the error. The bF error can mean many things. It is related to your system's cellular communicator though.
Why can't I get the bf to clear out? I have entered my code and off multiple times. Any ideas? I have the ATT cellular only.
You need to have them set the GSM fault time to 0 minutes so that it doesn't sound the trouble beeping at the panel. Let us know if you need further assistance.
I live in a rural area where cell coverage is spotty. My Honeywell alarm has been sending me an alert every night, in the middle of the night, when the signal temporarily drops. It is a rapid beeping that will not stop until I hit a button on the panel. Our long range radio is just a backup, intended to be there if the land line is disabled, and the signal issues are normal - we have the same issues with our Verizon cell phones. Please, please, please - anyone who knows this stuff, how do I disable the rapid beeping? I have resorted to sleeping in earplugs, because our alarm tech is clueless. Please be my hero and tell me how to fix this. Thank you in advance!
You can only silence it if the issue is resolved so you first need to determine why your panel is showing the bF error before you can get it to silence.
If it continues to go off, how do you silence it?

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