What chip is needed to get Total Connect 2.0 on a VISTA 20P alarm panel?

Total Connect 2.0 is Honeywell’s newest interactive alarm service software that is available through AlarmNet dealers. Total Connect 2.0 service is available with LYNX and VISTA series alarm systems that have an internet or cellular communicator and are newer than certain revision numbers. The VISTA 20P panel must be revision 9.12 or higher in order to be compatible with Total Connect 2.0, otherwise it will only be compatible with Total Connect 1.0. In addition to having a chip that is revision 9.12 or higher, the VISTA 20P must also be connected to an internet alarm communicator or cellular alarm communicator that is Total Connect 2.0 compatible as well. The easiest way to tell if your AlarmNet communicator is Total Connect 2.0 compatible is to look for a blue “TC” sticker on the outside of the box.

If your communicator or panel is not a high enough version, you can get a new cellular or internet communicator with a chip upgrade kit for the VISTA 20P. The GSMV-TC2, iGSMV-TC2, and GSMX-TC2 all are Total Connect 2.0 compatible, and come with a replacement chipset for the VISTA 20P and VISTA 15P. The chip that comes with the AlarmNet radio can be easily swapped with the existing chip in your VISTA panel, and will allow you to utilize Total Connect 2.0 interactive services. You can find the information about what revision your current VISTA panel is by reading the chip on the circuit board. A VISTA 20P revision 9.12 would read “WA20P-9.12.”

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