Honeywell T6 Pro WIFI

Smart Programmable WIFI Thermostat

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The Honeywell T6 Pro WIFI Smart Thermostat offers a simple User Interface that makes it a joy to use on a daily basis. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit and the Honeywell Home App. This makes it the leading smart thermostat for many applications. Buy the Honeywell T6 Pro WIFI here.
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  • Total Connect
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple HomeKit
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The Honeywell T6 Pro WIFI Thermostat is a great smart thermostat that offers a clean user interface for easy use. The device connects with a building's HVAC system, and it can be programmed for automatic operation based on a set schedule. Remote operation is done through a WIFI connection.

Some of the best aspects of the Honeywell T6 Pro WIFI are its ability to be used with Apple HomeKit and the Honeywell Home App. This allows the user to control the device remotely from virtually anywhere in the world from their smartphone. Honeywell has also made initial set up of the thermostat extremely simple. This will give new users an easier experience in getting started with the device and setting up its initial settings and configurations.

Please note that Honeywell also offers the Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat. This is essentially the same thermostat, except it communicates across Z-Wave as opposed to WIFI. Each communication path offers certain advantages that should be considered before making a decision. The primary selling point of the WIFI version is that it can integrate with Apple HomeKit. This is huge for iOS users who have set up a HomeKit network of smart devices. Many users will also appreciate the ability to use the WIFI version with the Honeywell Home App.

But there are some benefits to choosing the Z-Wave version instead. Only the Z-Wave version offers local control through an on-site security panel. Additionally, the WIFI version cannot be used with full smart scene control through Total Connect 2.0. This is only possible with the Z-Wave version. That means you are limited in your ability to use security actions as triggers for automated scenes on TC2. Although you can always build scenes in HomeKit, they are a bit more limited in the number of trigger points you have available. Finally, the Z-Wave version does not require a C-Wire, and it can rely on batteries for power. The WIFI version requires the C-Wire, which can make it more difficult for DIY users to set up. But if you want to use your thermostat with Apple HomeKit, this is the version to choose.

Note: This is the WIFI version of the T6 Pro. The Z-Wave version is linked above.

Brand: Honeywell Resideo

Hi Kevin, Do you know the model numbers of the Z-Wave or WIFI device the installer is planning to use? If you go Z-Wave, you could integrate to the Tuxedo and if you go WIFI and it's a Honeywell Total Connect Comfort thermostat, you could add it to the Total Connect Comfort app and then through your Total Connect 2.0 account, integrate the TCC account into TC2 so that you have control of your Z-Wave and WIFI thermostats from one app. Who does your TC2 service now? Did you see we offer that service with low-cost, no-contract plans available at
I have older Honeywell Z-Wave thermostats integrated with my Tuxedo Touch. I am adding a garage heater and am not yet sure if the installer can get the Z-Wave version or just the WiFi. If I must go with WiFi, can that be integrated with Tuxedo or with the TotalConnect app so that I don't have yet another app to manage?
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