How Do I Enroll and Use My WIFI Thermostat With the New Tuxedo and TC2?

You can enroll and use your WIFI thermostat with the new Tuxedo and TC2 by completing the Total Connect Comfort server-to-server integration at the Tuxedo. Up to five (5) WIFI thermostats paired with the TCC account will be enrolled with the Tuxedo and automatically pushed over to TC2.

Total Connect Comfort (TCC) WIFI Thermostats are paired with a Honeywell Home Tuxedo or Resideo Tuxedo by completing the sever-to-server integration between the Tuxedo Keypad and TCC. A maximum of five (5) WIFI thermostat devices set up with the TCC account will be pushed over to the Tuxedo after the integration is complete. The user must provide their TCC account credentials to the Tuxedo. This is what gives the Tuxedo the authorization to communicate with the TCC servers so that the thermostat can be controlled through Tuxedo operation.

Any TCC Thermostat that is enrolled with the Tuxedo in this manner will also be synchronized with Total Connect 2.0 (TC2). This will allow the user to control it from that platform as well. Remember that TC2 can support a maximum of twenty (20) WIFI thermostats, and these thermostats will count towards that limit. Additionally, any TCC Thermostat paired with the Tuxedo will also count towards the total limit of twenty (20) thermostats per Tuxedo Keypad. Both WIFI and Z-Wave thermostats count towards the total thermostat limit on the Tuxedo.

Please note that WIFI thermostats paired with TC2 by entering the Total Connect Comfort credentials through the TC2 website or app are not pushed over to the Tuxedo. In other words, while the Tuxedo can push thermostats over to TC2, it is not possible for TC2 to push thermostats down to the Tuxedo. Therefore, if you want to set up a compatible TCC WIFI thermostat for control through both the Tuxedo and TC2, then you should complete the integration by entering the login information at the Tuxedo. This is the process outlined at the bottom of this FAQ.

If you do not want WIFI thermostat control through the Tuxedo, and you only want to control the WIFI thermostat through TC2, then you should review the process outlined in this other FAQ. Keep in mind that if you have a TCC Thermostat that is already set up through TC2 and you later add a Tuxedo to your system, and you want to control the thermostat through both that Tuxedo and TC2, then you must delete the TCC information from TC2, complete the TCC integration at the Tuxedo, and then wait for the thermostat to be pushed over from the Tuxedo to TC2.

The following TCC WIFI Thermostats can be paired with a Tuxedo Keypad by completing the server-to-server integration:

  • Wi-Fi 9000 With Voice Control, 7-Day Thermostat (TH9320WFV6007)
  • VisionPro Wi-Fi 7-Day (TH8321WF1001)
  • Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580W, RET97E5D1005, RET97E5D, RTH8580WF)
  • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat (RTH9580WF, RTH8580WF, RTH6580WF, RET97E5D, ET97E5D1005)
  • Wi-Fi 9000 7-Day Thermostat (TH9320WF5003)
  • Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat (RTH9585WF)

There are a few things to keep in mind when using TCC WIFI Thermostats with the Tuxedo. First, the Tuxedo must be connected to WIFI to complete the integration between TCC and the Tuxedo Keypad. Second, the paired WIFI thermostat devices can only be renamed using TCC. Third, any Hold settings or Schedule settings set up within TCC cannot be changed from the Tuxedo. Lastly, if you want to remove a TCC thermostat that has been paired with the Tuxedo, you must remove it from the TCC account entirely. After removing the thermostat from the TCC account, the thermostat will automatically clear from the Tuxedo the next time the keypad synchronizes with TCC. If you want to terminate association between the Tuxedo and TCC and remove all paired TCC Thermostats, then, on the Tuxedo, choose Devices > Thermostats > Account > Remove the Username and Password > Save. This can only be done if the Tuxedo is currently associated with a TCC account.

For this FAQ, we will assume that all Total Connect Comfort thermostats are already properly configured with TCC. We will also assume that the Tuxedo is currently connected with WIFI and that the Tuxedo is already connected with a Honeywell VISTA Security System that is set up with monitoring service that includes access to TC2 for automation. Perform the following steps to complete the integration between TCC and the Tuxedo and then control any paired thermostats through both the Tuxedo and TC2:

1. Complete TCC-Tuxedo integration. From the main screen of the Tuxedo, choose Devices. Then click the Thermostats button at the bottom of the screen. Choose Account on the left-hand side so that it is highlighted blue. Enter in your TCC Account User Name and your TCC Account Password. Then press the checkmark in the bottom-right corner. The message "Account Associated. Start Loading Devices. Please Wait." should appear. Total Connect Comfort will then begin syncing all paired thermostat devices with the Tuxedo. This may take a few minutes. Once complete, the thermostat devices will be available for control at the Tuxedo.

2. Control thermostats at Tuxedo. If you want to control a TCC WIFI Thermostat at the Tuxedo, start from the main screen, and choose Devices, followed by the Thermostats button at the bottom. Then on the left-hand side of the screen, select Thermostats. Any thermostat device paired from the TCC integration will appear on the screen. Adjust the thermostat you want to control accordingly. When multiple thermostats are in use, it will make controlling them easier if you name each thermostat. This must be done from the TCC webpage. It can not be done through the Total Connect Comfort App.

3. Control thermostats in TC2. After completing the TCC-Tuxedo integration, all TCC WIFI Thermostats pushed to the Tuxedo should also be made available in TC2. However, it may be necessary to perform a Panel Sync if it is your first time controlling these thermostats. To do this, login to TC2 through the website or mobile, and choose Locations. Then choose the Sync Panel option. Give TC2 a few minutes to complete this process.

After the process is complete, any TCC Thermostat paired with the Tuxedo should appear in the Devices Menu of Total Connect 2.0 for control through that platform.

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