How Do I Connect a T6 Thermostat to an Eero Router?

The Honeywell T6 WiFi Thermostat will work with an Eero wireless router. Unfortunately, because of Eero's decision not to segment their 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, the T6 may have trouble registering with on your network.

Don't be too discouraged if you are having trouble connecting your T6 thermostat to the your Eero. While most modems will transmit two different networks of different strength and speed, the Eero sends out a single signal. The device itself will choose which band to use for communication. This can be a big problem for IoT devices since many of them require connectivity to the 2.4GHz network. While the IoT devices will choose the 2.4 GHz band, the other device that is necessary to register them, your phone, often will not. Rather, phones will select the faster 5 GHz band by default. And, unfortunately, most Android phones will not let their end users select which band to operate on.

You can get your phone to jump bands by walking away from the router. This will put your phone on the 2.4 GHz band, which you can see in the Eero app. Simply select your phone as a device in the network. The app will tell you which band you are on. That said, this is an impractical way to set your T6 up.

Rather, calling Eero's customer support is the most practical way to briefly turn off the 5 GHz band. This will allow you to join the T6 to your network with your phone using the Honeywell Home app. You can call Eero's US-based customer support team by calling 877-659-2347. One caveat: you will not be able to put the T6 on the Guest network. For some reason, the guest network's 5 GHz band can not be turned off by a technician.

Follow the steps below to get your T6 thermostat onto your Eero network. By the way, these instruction assume you have already installed the Honeywell Home app. If you have not, go do that right away:

  1. Call Eero support. Call 877-659-2347. Once you get a person, explain that you are unable to join the 2.4 GHz network with your phone. Tell them you are trying to connect to an IoT device that only runs on 2.4 GHz. Tell them you need them to disable the 5 GHz network temporarily so that your phone can communicate with the device. Eero will ask you a few questions. But they will temporarily disable it over the phone. Once the 5GHz network has been disabled, proceed through the rest of the steps.
  2. Verify that you are on the 2.4 GHz network using the Eero app. Once the technician confirms that your 5GHz network is disabled, log into the Eero app. On the homepage of the app, you will see a little circle with the words "[number] devices connected to the network." Select that and find your phone. Under "Connection Details" it will tell you whether your phone is on the 5 GHz or the 2.4 GHz band. You want it to be on the 2.4 GHz band for this to work.
  3. Turn on the Honeywell Home App. Kind of an obvious step. If you don't have it open, open it. You will be using the Honeywell Home app to register your T6 thermostat.
  4. Select Add New Device. Within the Honeywell Home app, you will need to select "+." This brings you to a page entitled "Add New Device." This will begin the process of registering the T6.
  5. Select T6 Thermostat. On this page, select "T6 P Wi-Fi Thermostat."
  6. Proceed through steps to add it to your network. Sometimes, even still, we have found that the app has trouble registering the T6. Continue through this process until it works. Sometimes we've had to work through the steps 2 or 3 times before the T6 finally registers correctly. If you're having trouble, check, make sure that your phone is still on the Eero WiFi.

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