Honeywell VISTA-15PSIA

Alarm Control Panel

Honeywell vista 15psia alarm control panel

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The Honeywell VISTA-15PSIA alarm control panel is a special version of the VISTA-15P alarm control panel. The VISTA-15PSIA is compliant w...
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The Honeywell VISTA-15PSIA alarm control panel is a special version of the VISTA-15P alarm control panel. The VISTA-15PSIA is compliant with the Security Industry Association (SIA) CP-01 standards which were established to reduce the potential for false alarms. Any city or state that has adopted SIA CP-01 standards will approve an installation of a VISTA-15PSIA. Even if your local jurisdiction does not require a CP-01 compliant alarm control panel, we still recommend choosing a SIA alarm control panel for your security system. With a SIA alarm control panel, you are much less likely to experience issues with false alarms. False alarms at the very least are a nuisance and at the worst can be very expensive. Police departments spend an inordinate amount of time responding to false alarms and they know that most false alarms are caused by user error. Therefore, many police departments (or their applicable cities) have begun to charge false alarm fines. It varies by jurisdiction, but normally the first few false alarms will be free and then there is an escalating fine structure with each new false alarm costing more and more. While false alarm fines can be expensive, the good news is that the VISTA-15PSIA alarm control panel is the same cost as a regular VISTA-15P. Therefore, it doesn’t cost you any extra to protect yourself from false alarms and their subsequent fines.

The Honeywell VISTA-15PSIA has (6) integrated hardwired zones built into the circuit board of the alarm control panel. You can also use Honeywell 4219 wired zone expansion modules to add capability for up to (10) additional hardwired zones if you need more than the standard (6) zones. Of course, the VISTA-15PSIA is also compatible with Honeywell wireless receivers like the 5881ENH which will provide up to (26) wireless zones. While the 5881ENH technically supports an unlimited number of wireless zones, the VISTA-15PSIA alarm control panel is limited to a maximum of (26) wireless zones. You can also choose to add the 6160RF alphanumeric keypad instead of the 5881ENH if you would like to use Honeywell 5800 Series wireless devices as the keypad has an integrated wireless receiver that will unlock the capability to use the (26) available wireless zones of the VISTA-15PSIA.

While the Honeywell VISTA-15PSIA alarm control panel has all of the great features found in a VISTA-15P, it is unique in that certain programming settings are hard coded and cannot be changed and other programming setting are set by default to reduce the chance of false alarms. Some of the more important programming settings unique to the VISTA-15PSIA are as follows. The minimum exit delay is (45) seconds with a VISTA-15PSIA while you can set the exit delay to (0) seconds with a VISTA-15P. The minimum entry delay is (30) seconds with the VISTA-15PSIA and (0) seconds with the VISTA-15P. The audible exit warning that causes a rapid beep from the keypad during the last (10) seconds of the exit delay cannot be disabled with a VISTA-15PSIA. The burglary dial delay that delays the transmission of all alarm signals to a central station cannot be set to anything less than (30) seconds with the VISTA-15PSIA. All of these programming settings are in accordance with the CP-01 standards document and are designed to reduce the chance of false alarms being activated by a VISTA-15PSIA alarm control panel.

Brand: HoneywellADEMCO

Submitted on 10/17/2012 Shawn B

I live in Dover New Jersey and work for the police department. In our city all new alarm installations require a SIA panel so I chose the V15PSIA. I have had the system up and running for a month now and have never set off a false alarm. I'm sure I woulda never set one off anyways but as a police officer I figured I'd play by the rules.

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