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If you need to upgrade your VISTA 20P so that it can be made to work with Total Connect, the 20P PROM is what you're looking for.
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If you need to upgrade your VISTA 20P so that it can be made to work with Total Connect 2.0, the 20P PROM is what you're looking for. You can determine whether your system needs the upgrade by looking at the already-installed PROM chip located in the center of the board. It should read out "WA20P-" followed by the revision number. For example, "WA20P-9.12" for a rev. 9.12 system. It must be 9.12 or higher. If your panel does not have a 9.12 or higher revision, you will need to replace the chip and get a Total Connect 2.0 compatible radio. Keep in mind that your 20P will need to be revision 2.0 or higher in order to be PROM chip upgradeable. If your panel does not meet this spec you will have to swap in a new system.

You can purchase the Honeywell AlarmNet communicator and PROM chip separately or you can get a TC2 kit with Alarm Grid. The most popular kits are the iGSMV4G-TC2 and the CDMA-X-TC2 kits. The iGSMV4G is a dual path communicator that support internet and/or AT&T cellular communications. The CDMA-X is a Verizon cellular communicator. Both kits come with a PROM chip upgrade of the newest revision available at the time. If you are interested in standalone internet monitoring you can still purchase the iGSMV4G-TC2 kit. Just remember to inform your monitoring company to disable the cellular path to avoid any additional fees.

Note: This product is for the latest version of the VISTA-20P PROM Chip. Even though the picture shows 9.12, you will receive the latest version.

Brand: Honeywell

My Vista 20P has only 2 AUI addresses on *189. It is an older revision, 3.0. At what revision does it support 4 AUI addresses?
I recommend the Non SIA chip
Hi, I have a Safewatch Pro 3000 with WA3000-9.12 2010 chip. Do I upgrade to latest Vista20pSIA chip or Vista20p non-SIA chip? I just want to be up to date. Thank you.
Hey Rich, Yes - TC2 requires revision 9.12 or higher to use TC2.
I have a WA3000-9.12 Chip. Will it work with Total Connect 2.0?
Hi Daniel, Yes, you'll want to add the 20P chip for this. Here is some more info on upgrading ADT panels:
I have an ADT safewatch panel with a WA3001-2.0A prom chip. Is this upgradeable?
There is an SIA version of each of the P Series panels. SIA stands for Security Industry Association. Being an SIA panel means that certain false alarm reduction features are enabled by default in the panel, and in some cases, can't be disabled, or are quite difficult to disable. There are certain areas in the USA, like Texas, where they require that an SIA panel be installed.
I noticed some PROM chips have SIA in the description, what is that?
Hi, the system can be updated via the chip to a Vista-20P with the latest revision. The current revision is 10.24, I believe. If you purchase an upgrade chip from us, you will get the latest available (we don't hold stock on these so they come straight from the distributor when you order). You can update your keypads to any keypad compatible with the Vista-20P panel (you can even update them before you update the panel if you choose to do so). All the keypads shown <a href="">here</a> should be compatible with your system.
Hi. I bought a house with a Safewatch 3000 pro keypad, with 9 zones - doors, windows and motion sensors - all wired. The prom chip says WA3001-5.4. The system seems to be working fine (needs a new battery), but I’d like to upgrade the system if possible. Can the keypad and prom chip be upgraded? Would the panel need to be upgraded? If so, what are my options? Your help is appreciated.
Hi Joe, What model number sensor are you using and what loop number do you have it set for in the zone programming? Also, what is the 'WA' number on the PROM chip in the center of your VISTA control panel board? If you could email us that information to, referencing this page, that would be helpful.
I have a vista 20p System with 5800rp repeater. It is not relaying signal from a rf outside door monitor. Is I reboot the system, it seeing the rf outside door monitor until I set it off (open the door). Then I must by pass it to set the alarm.
There was only a small subset of panels made that didn't support all of the older 5800 Series wireless sensors. If you look up and to the right of your PROM chip, what is the letter and three numbers listed on the white rectangular sticker along the top edge of the VISTA control panel?
I have a vista 20p rev 5.2 stamped 2004 on the date. My question is I’m looking at up grading the prom to 10.23. I have read with older wireless sensors the 10.23 has issues with them? Should I just upgrade to 9.13? What is the difference between the 9.13 and the 10.23 other than the 10.23 is newer?
That board is capable of wireless monitoring and the you would just need to add a communicator. Here are some communicators:
I have an older 20P system. The Chip is an old WA 20P 5.2. The system displays low battery but I know my new battery is good. This happened when Entergy had a power surge. After reading my manual, I have determined the board has a fault in it. I am going to purchase a new board for $50 and the chip is a 10.23. Can I swap my old board with this board and just reprogram the board/zones. Is this board capable of wireless monitoring?
Unfortunately you can not upgrade the Vista 21IP yet. heres an FAQ to help explain further why: There is a work around for the Vista panel though. You would need this device and and external communicator still:
Ok thanks, so I can’t upgrade my chip to do that?
Your Vista 21Ip has to be Rev 3 or higher.
Ok thank you, I just want to use total connect 2.0, can I already do that with my current chip? It says WA21ip-1.1 rev 1.1
No, the 20P and 21iP are not interchangeable. If you can tell us what version of the 21iP you have, and what you're looking to do, we can help you figure out what your options are. It's not impossible to chip upgrade a 21iP, but it is much more rare than with the 20P, mainly because upgrading the chip in the 21iP does nothing to upgrade the built-in communicator. So, whether a chip upgrade will help you or not, depends on what you're trying to accomplish.
My prom chip says WA-21ip, do I buy this 20p prom chip?
We include the latest version of the firmware, currently this is 10.23.
What version are these 20P upgrade chips?
Yes it can be upgraded. Have you checked to see how it is communicating as well because you may need a new communicator. Thee kit allows for you to upgrade system and provide communication to the system, free from Honeywell:
I have ADT system. The model is WA3001-4.1. Is it Vista 20P? Can it be upgraded?
The store manager said that he was able to double check with our security company and it should all be compatible, so he's not into upgrading. but thanks for the help.
I would reccomend doing a complete upgrade to panel from phone line and using this communicator:
My store uses a honeywell WPA20P with a PROM revision 5.2, can we upgrade it? it stopped working when we stopped using a land line and tried to replace it.
Great, thank you!
Yes, you can PROM upgrade that system. I would suggest you get an iGSMV4G-TC2 ( ) as it's a dual path (IP with AT&T cellular backup) communicator with a TC2 PROM chip included. We have an FAQ on how to hook it up at and a YouTube video series on the whole ADT upgrade process online at We also offer low-cost, no-contract monitoring plans online at and with the iGSM4V4G-TC2 setup, you'll have the option to choose any of the plans. If you have any follow up questions, feel free to email or call us M-F 9-9 EST at 888-818-7728.
Can I upgrade my Safewatch Pro 3000 with this chip. The current chip is a WA3001-2.5, 2003 REV 2.5. Thanks!
Hi Pete, yes, you have a Safewatch 3000, which is the ADT version of a Vista-20P. You can chip upgrade that panel using the latest version of the Vista-20P chip. If you happen to need a communicator for your panel, I would suggest you purchase one of our upgrade kits, such as the ( ) as in this kit, you get the upgrade chip for about $3. We have other kits available, that's just an example.
My chip reads: WA3001-4.2 Additonal: 2005 REV 4.2 Can I upgrade this board?
That is correct. The chips are currently revision 10.23.
Okay, thanks. So i am clear, since I have a prom version 5.2, which is a higher version than 2.x means I have a version 2 board and I can upgrade my system and keep all programming?
As long as your chip is a version 2.# or later, your board is a version 2 and you can prom upgrade (thereby not losing any programming).
Well, I am somewhat confused after reading the posts below. I have a vista 20p, self installed in 2007 (replaced a broken Bosch system, too expensive to get fixed). Anyway, my prom chip says: firstline: WA20P-5.2 , second line: @Honeywell, third line: 2006 REV 5.2. So I assume I have a rev 5.2 prom chip. What is not clear is what board version I have, i.e. a version 1 or version 2 board, therefore, would I be able to upgrade my system to the latest prom you sell for the vista 20p? If no, will have many more questions and can send an email or call someone to discuss my options (mostly around preserving my programming).
Julia was just referring to PROMs that have a number less than 2.0 as version 1 and anything 2.0 or higher as version 2. In that case, your -10.23 is version 10. The bottom line is that you need a PROM that's at least -2.0 to be able to use the PROM upgrade to get to a version that supports Total Connect 2.0.
Sterling, sorry about that,, But what I was trying to get across was, How do you tell what version of the board you have where version 1 or version 2 of the Vista 20p with the 10.23 rom chip. that was asked in the previous post by someone else. What do you look for on the board as to tell this.??? Thanks
You can tell what version you have by looking at the PROM chip in the center of the green circuit board. You referenced below that you have a VISTA-20P with 10.23 chip so you'd have a PROM chip that reads WA20P-10.23. I hope that clears things up but please email if you have additional questions.
Julia, My question to the reply above, How would you determine what version of the Vista 20P you have of this board, what do you Look for??? Thanks
Unfortunately, no, there was a board change between version 1 and version 2 of the Vista-20P, so anything version 2 or above can be chip upgraded, but a version 1 panel needs to have the entire board replaced.
I have a Vista 20P board right now with a ver 1.4 chip. This is probably from about 2001. Will the 10.23 chip upgrade this board to use the Tuxedo Touch WIFI and Total Connect 2.0? Also, if I can just replace the chip, would the zone programming remain the same? Is it better to just replace the whole board?
We would recommend setting the glass break zones as Perimeter Zone Type 03 instead of Zone Type 10 as you have programmed now. The The motion programming looks good and with it set to Zone Type 04. Your glass break will be active in away and stay and the motion will be active only in away. Please email with any other questions as we'd like to keep the conversation on this page relevant to the PROM chip.
Are these setting the correct for wired motion unit, wired glass breaker, ademco 20p with 10.23 chip, 2 key pad 6150, 6160RF glass breaker zone 02 zt 10 partion 1 RC 10 el R 1 motion dector zone 03 zt 04 partion 1 RC 10 el R 1 when in arm mode it will set the alarm sound on, when in stay or night stay mode,, alarm sounds on door open instant WE DO WALK AROUND IN THESE AREA, will the alarm not go ON???? when in these area showing motion or sound.. Any help here. thanks
After installing the keypads, it does show 10.23 version on the 20p panel, Problems does exist trying to add the motion sensor, along with the glass breaker, any help here is great full
Unfortunately, that's still not enough information to know what system you installed. We suggest emailing pictures of the green circuit board to so we can help you figure out what panel you have.
Sterling, I aquire this in the house, changing out the bad board which had a 15p panel that had the OC code, install this board which was suppose to be latest and greatest, along with IR motion sensor, plus glass breaker, plus two key pad, just try to find out what version software is in it,, It does fire up showing default installer code also making beep sounds when pressing keys. Thanks
It depends on the system. Do you not see the expected PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board? If not, can you email a picture of the board to so we can help you identify what it is?
Sterling, Thanks but are they certain keystroke to determine the true value of the PROM chip, with out reading the sticker if none is attached??? Thanks
You should be able to check the version of your 20P panel by looking at the PROM chip in the center of the green circuit board. There should be a white sticker on the chip with something printed, starting with 'WA'.
what program keys stroke do I use to check the version of firmware in my 20P board???
Rev 10 adds a keypad lockout feature (after 30 keypresses within 15 minutes, if a valid command is not entered, the keypad is locked out for 15 minutes. This will always log, and can be enabled to report to central station). Also, RIS is enabled by default (Total Connect 2.0) and the field to enable/disable it has been removed. All keypad addresses 17 - 23 are now enabled for partition 1 with no sound suppression.
I believe the latest version is 10.23. We just don't update the picture every time there's a new version but we certainly are selling the most recent version.
I've seen newer versions of the 20p prom chip. What is the newest version and what are it's features?
Also, what version is your current SW Pro 3000? It needs to be at least a revision 2 to prom upgrade.
The PROM upgrade will just bring the panel up to the current version. The existing programming for zones and codes will remain. Typically the PROM is used to bring Total Connect 2.0 support to a panel made before TC2 was available.
If I install this in a ADT SafeWatch Pro 3000 (i.e. a Vista 20P), will it delete the current programming, reset codes, etc.? Do I just remove power and swap the chips and that's it?
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