Interlogix 60-362N-10-319.5

Crystal Wireless Door/Window Sensor

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The Interlogix 60-362N-10-319.5 Crystal Wireless Door and Window Sensor is used for monitoring doors, windows and cabinets. The sensor is...

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The Interlogix 60-362N-10-319.5 Crystal Wireless Door and Window Sensor is used for monitoring doors, windows and cabinets. The sensor is compact and discreet, making it great for almost any residential or commercial application. The device is available in both white and brown colors (see detailed note below), allowing users to choose the aesthetic that best fits each installation. Users will also enjoy the incredibly long battery life of the sensor, which is expected to last for up to 10 years. Overall, this is an outstanding sensor for anyone looking to expand wireless door or window protection on a compatible alarm system.

Like most door and window sensors, the Interlogix Crystal Sensor monitors an opening using a sensor with an integrated reed switch and a magnet. This sensor is a bit unique in that it has two reed switches: Reed A and B. You can line up your magnet with either one of them depending on the orientation of the sensor install. The sensor is placed on the door or window frame, and the magnet is placed on the door or window (moving part) itself. The magnet should be placed within 3/8 of inch of the sensor for the best performance. When the door or window is opened, the magnet will separate from the sensor causing the reed switch inside the sensor to activate. When this happens, the sensor sends a fault signal to the alarm system for the programmed response to be performed. In most cases if there is a fault when the system is armed, a window will trigger an instant alarm while a door might have a entry delay period to allow authorized users enter and disarm with a valid user code.

The sensor operates at a wireless frequency of 319.5 MHz. This makes it compatible with any wireless Interlogix System, as well as any Qolsys System with the proper 319MHz daughtercard. The sensor is easy to auto-enroll the unique serial number into zone programming on most panels, and a user can quickly adjust any of its settings or configurations as needed. The 60-362N-10-319.5 will function from a maximum distance of up to 500 feet away from the panel. Alarm Grid generally recommends that the sensor be used within 100 feet of the system for optimal performance assuming there are some obstructions. The device also features a tamper switch so that the sensor can notify the alarm panel of a situation when the device is being physically opened up. This is a 24 hour trouble and is active even when the panel is disarmed.

In addition to its function as a door and window contact, the 60-362N-10-319.5 can also be used as a wireless transmitter for a hardwired zone. This allows a single normally-closed (NC) hardwired contact to communicate with the alarm system wirelessly. If you are using the external contact a 4.7K ohm end-of-line (EOL) resistor (included) must be wired in series for line supervision purposes. Please note that the 60-362N-10-319.5 cannot function as both a standalone contact and as a wired to wireless transmitter simultaneously. Instead, only one of these functions can be programmed at any given time. Make sure to adjust the jumper on the pins inside the sensor's tamper cover. Remember to remove the battery before adjusting the jumper.

Note: There are two part numbers for this product. The standard white version is 60-362N-10-319.5, and the brown version is 60-362N-11-319.5.

Brand: Interlogix GE Security

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