Interlogix HDX-200

Wireless Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector, 200F Degrees


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The Interlogix HDX-200 is a wireless rate-of-rise and fixed heat detector that provides a prompt alert when fire is present. This device is best used in areas where a smoke detector cannot function properly, like a garage, kitchen or bathroom. Purchase the Interlogix HDX-200 from Alarm Grid.
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The Interlogix HDX-200 provides reliable heat detection for any compatible alarm system. The device operates at 319.5 MHz, making it suitable for use with the Interlogix/GE Panels and all Qolsys Panels with a 319.5 MHz legacy receiver. It offers rate-of-rise and fixed temperature detection.

The rate-of-rise sensor will have the HDX-200 activate upon sensing a temperature increase of 12°F or higher in a single minute. Alternatively, the device will also activate upon sensing any temperature of 200° or higher at any point in time. Most people will use one of these devices when the room is not suitable for a regular smoke detector. This can include dusty areas like garages and attics, as well as areas that may feature occasional smoke, such as kitchens. In the event that the HDX-200 is activated, the device can alert the alarm system so that the user can receive automatic emergency dispatch.

Since heat rises, it is best to install the HDX-200 high up on the ceiling or wall. It should have at least four inches of spacing between itself and any walls. The device should not be routinely exposed to any temperatures in excess of 150°F for proper operation. The device is powered using a single lithium CR123A 3V battery. Its expected battery life is roughly 10 years. Make sure to test the sensor after installation to ensure proper working order. The system should be placed on test mode when doing this to prevent any false alarms.


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