Leviton VP00R-10Z

Coordinating Z-Wave 3-Way Dimmer

Leviton vp00r 10z coordinating dimmer remote

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The Leviton VP00R-10Z is a coordinating / matching remote for Leviton Z-Wave dimmers.
  • Z-Wave

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The Leviton VP00R-10Z is a coordinating dimmer remote from the Leviton Z-Wave Vizia RF+ series used for 3-way and other multi-pole configurations (up to 10 locations).

In other words, you should pair a Leviton VP00R-10Z when wiring a 3-way (two dimmers controlling one light) application. Make sure your existing lights are properly wired for 3-way wiring (e.g. traveler wire) before trying to install this dimmer.

Tthe VP00R-10Z is the companion dimmer for the following dimmers and fan controls:

  1. Leviton VRI06-1LZ - 600W Z-Wave Incandescent Dimmer
  2. Leviton VRI10-1LZ - 1000W Z-Wave Incandescent Dimmer
  3. Leviton VRE06-1LZ - Electronic Low Voltage Z-Wave Dimmer
  4. Leviton VRMX1-1LZ - Magnetic Low Voltage Z-Wave Dimmer
  5. Leviton VRF01-1LZ - Z-Wave Fan Controller

Like the rest of the Vizia RF+ series, the Leviton VP00R-10 comes in white, but also ships with a replacement almond and ivory switches.

The Leviton VP00R-10Z does NOT have an LED indicator. For that you will have to upgrade to the Leviton VP00R-1LZ, which has an LED indicator.

Brand: Leviton

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