Leviton VP00R-1LZ

Coordinating Z-Wave 3-Way Dimmer w/ LED

Leviton vp00r 1lz coordinating z wave dimmer remote w slash led

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The Leviton VP00R-1LZ is the coordinating remote to pair with Leviton Z-Wave dimmers in 3-way and other multi-pole configurations.
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The Leviton VP00R-1LZ is the coordinating remote to pair with Leviton Z-Wave dimmers in 3-way and other multi-pole configurations.

You can only use a VP00R-1LZ if your outlet is properly wired for 3-way (e.g. has a traveler wire) and if you're pairing it with a proper Leviton Z-Wave dimmer switch such as:

  1. Leviton VRI06-1LZ - 600W Z-Wave Incandescent Dimmer
  2. Leviton VRI10-1LZ - 1000W Z-Wave Incandescent Dimmer
  3. Leviton VRE06-1LZ - Electronic Low Voltage Z-Wave Dimmer
  4. Leviton VRMX1-1LZ - Magnetic Low Voltage Z-Wave Dimmer
  5. Leviton VRF01-1LZ - Z-Wave Fan Controller

In case of multi-pole with more than 2 switches (controlling one light / fan / load), you should use only one Z-Wave dimmer / fan controller, and the rest should be VP00R-1LZ remotes.

The Leviton VP00R-1LZ features an LED indicator that matches the coordinating dimmer.

If you do not need the LED or are looking to wire up to locations (the VP00R-1LZ can only handle 5), you should use a Leviton VP00R-10Z.

Brand: Leviton

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Submitted on 01/02/2020 Alarm Grid

The Leviton VP00R-1LZ is a Z-Wave 3-way coordinating dimmer module. This is a coordinating module that is used alongside other Leviton Z-Wave dimmer devices and Leviton Z-Wave fan controllers. The only reason to use the Leviton VP00R-1LZ is if you have the proper configuration for a 3-way wiring setup already in place, including a traveler wire. And even then, you will only use it with other compatible Leviton Z-Wave devices. If you have a multi-pole setup where more than one switch is controlling a single lighting or fan load, then you should only use one (1) Z-Wave dimmer module, and the other switches should be Leviton VP00R-1LZ devices. Remember, the Leviton VP00R-1LZ isn't actually a load bearing switch. It is just used for coordinating a multi-pole setup. Most of the Z-Wave sensors used with the Leviton VP00R-1LZ are outdated, and the module has largely been replaced by Z-Wave Plus switches and/or modules that don't require traveler wires. If you have an existing Leviton VP00R-1LZ, then it should still work just fine. But users in the market for a new device will usually want to turn to more advanced technology. For that reason, we only give the Leviton VP00R-1LZ a 4 Star rating.

The biggest positive to the Leviton VP00R-1LZ is that it allows for a multi-pole wiring configuration, in which multiple switches can control one lighting load or one ceiling fan load. The device features an LED light indicator to assist with the process of pairing to a coordinated dimmer module. We can also say that the Leviton VP00R-1LZ is easy to use and install, making it good for DIY users.

But the downsides to the Leviton VP00R-1LZ are pretty severe. First, it is not an actual load bearing device. You can only use it alongside Leviton devices that are load bearing. You will need a traveler wire to make a setup involving the Leviton VP00R-1LZ possible. The device only uses standard Z-Wave, meaning you won't get the benefits of Z-Wave Plus with this device. We recommend finding newer, more advanced Z-Wave Plus devices for your smart lighting setup if you are just getting started. Using more powerful and robust devices will provide you with greater flexibiltiy in the long run. Additionally, this device has been discontinued, and it can no longer be purchased new. Because of these downsides, we give the Leviton VP00R-1LZ 4 Stars.

Good: Multi-Pole Wiring, LED Light, Easy to Use & Install

Bad: Not Load Bearing Device, Requires Traveler Wire, Standard Z-Wave, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 4 Stars

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