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Linear wa105dbz 1 z wave siren

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The Linear WA105DBZ-1 is a wireless siren and strobe device that speaks Z-Wave. This is an RF technology that requires a special chip for...
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The Linear WA105DBZ-1 is a wireless siren and strobe device that speaks Z-Wave. This is an RF technology that requires a special chip for devices to communicate with a Z-Wave controller or hub. Most alarm systems require proprietary wireless sirens such as the 5800WAVE for Honeywell systems. However panels such as the 2GIG Go!Control systems do support Z-Wave siren/strobes for alarm condition. There is a programming question that must be enabled in order to integrate a Zwave sounder like this.

The WA105DBZ-1 requires wall power through the use of a 12VDC, 1A transformer included with the purchase. There is also an included 6VDC NiMH, 150 mAH backup battery. This offers 5 day operation without any alarms. When the sounder is triggered by the alarm panel or automation controller it outputs a 105dB siren tone. There is also a white LED strobe with a red plastic cover.

Just any Z-wave node, the siren will require inclusion into your Z-Wave ready automation controller. First, place your system into "inclusion mode" and press the tamper switch for 1 second. The device should be within 3 feet of the controller unless your controller supports "network wide inclusion" (NWI). The LED should begin blinking during inclusion. Give it 3 minutes before testing. If you have any issues try to exclude and then include again.

The operating temperature for this product is 5 degrees F ~ 140 degrees F. The enclosure is not weatherproof so it should be installed indoors. The wide temp range allows for garage, basement, attic and shed installations!

Brand: Linear

Awesome :)
Thanks, I bought the zwave relay now.
Please email us at as the links I am trying to share with you are not showing up correctly.
I recommend and you will set things up using this FAQ .
Thanks again, the links you posted dont seem to work, but if you were trying to refer me to Linear-PS15Z-2 or similar, I had look at those before and they make sense as I already have a legacy wired outdoor sounder, but the issue for me is that those z-wave units work on 110v AC and where I live we use 220v, is there any z-wave relay preferably working on 12v/24v DC that is compatible with the Lyric? this one for example:
Hi Diego, You can follow this FAQ ( and add a hardwired outdoor siren ( or you can wait for the next generation panel which is going to have its own wireless outdoor siren but we currently do not have a ETA.
thanks, do you know if there is any outdoor sounder that can be used?
Hi Diego, The operating temperature for this product is 5 degrees F ~ 140 degrees F. The enclosure is not weatherproof so it should be installed indoors. The wide temp range allows for garage, basement, attic and shed installations. It is compatible with the Lyric but not to be used outdoor.
hello, does this work with honewell lyric controller as an external outdoor sounder?
Excellent, thank you for all the support. I will contact central station and notify them this weekend that we are going to perform a system test. Thanks.
If you're monitored by central station, you should be able to call your monitoring station and put your system on test any time, 24/7. If not, then it won't matter when/if you test. As long as Q43 is set (you can have Z-Wave sirens sound for Burg, Fire, and CO, or for Burg only) then the Z-Wave siren will follow the system siren.
I have only tested it through the "function test" (that's most likely not what it is called). Where you can test the panels lights, siren, etc. Everything worked from there and the alarm sounds when I hit IDENTIFY. We haven't had the chance to do a full system test yet, due to the timezone up here in Alaska and our work schedule. (We figured that we were supposed to call and give everyone the heads up before any major tests, unfortunately weekends are our only chance, and I wasn't sure if was operational with our weekend schedule)
Without changing any of these parameter settings, the WA105DBZ will follow the GC3 siren. Meaning, if you have bell timeout set to 4 minutes, the WA105DBZ will sound when any audible alarm sounds, and stop at disarm, or 4 minutes, whichever comes first. If the bell timeout increases, so does the timeout for the WA105DBZ. Have you actually tested it without trying to change anything? How do I configure the parameters for the WA105DBZ and my GC3 Panel? I am trying to configure the Auto Stop Time. I have entered the parameter settings in my GC3 as follows: (however it does not seem to be saving them) Siren _left blank_ (adding numbers 1 or 2 sounds the alarm, and keeps it continuously audible until the number is removed? ) Parameter Number _1_ Parameter Size _1 Byte_ Parameter Value _3_ I am trying to have the siren sound for the entire period of time that the system is alarmed. From my understanding the default is 30 sec and that seems to be be insufficient to act as a deterrent, thus I want the time to be increased. Any how, after I set up the above parameters in the configure settings, nothing saves (or doesn't seem to, when it is opened again).
The 2GIG panel will trigger upon fire alarms but if you want to have additional sounders for burglary and fire alarm situations this Z-Wave siren will work well.
I have a 2 gig panel and I am adding 2 gig smoke detectors, Would there be a use for these Z-wave sirens?
I don't advocate that course of action, and no doubt it would void the warranty, but if you're going to do that, the siren has a backup battery, so be sure to power it completely down, including the battery, if you're going to cut anything.
Bummer! There is a seperate wire inside the Sounder for the siren and the strobe, I wonder if I could just cut the siren wire without jeaprodizing the whole unit? Thanks for the previous reply!
Thank you for confirming the system you have. In your case, the 2Gig GC2 panel is your Z-Wave controller. Unfortunately, with all Z-wave devices, their compatibility and functionality options will be dependent on the Z-Wave controller they are used with and in this case, while the WA105DBZ-1 is compatible with the GC2 for siren/strobe activation when the system goes into alarm mode, the GC2 doesn't support the option to change that parameter. If you were using it with a retail home automation system, you may have that option but in your case, you'll have to have it activating both siren and strobe together or you'll have to look into getting a separate Z-Wave strobe if you don't want the extra siren noise. Did you notice we offer no-contract monitoring services online at We're experts on your system and offer the monitoring service that allows you to arm/disarm the system remotely and receive text/email alerts from the system. As long as you aren't under contract with another company now, it would be an easy switch to us.
I am using a 2GIG GC2 Panel. I guess now I am confused where to find the parameters/change them. And also not exactly sure what a Z-Wave controller is (Sorry I am new to all of this). Thanks for the help!
There is a parameter for Siren/Strobe mode and the default value is 0 to activate both the siren and strobe. Setting that parameter to 1 is for siren only and to 2 is for strobe only. Depending on what Z-Wave controller you are using, you may or may not have the option to customize that parameter though. What system are you using it with?
Is it possible to program this so that the siren does not go off but just the strobe? If so how? THANKS!
Yes, that is a proprietary RF technology for the newer DSC systems and therefore the PG9911 won't work with the Lyric.
The Lyric doesn't work with any Z-Wave sirens at this time (outside of the Z-Wave Siren included in the 5877GDPK garage door kit - ) but we have heard Honeywell plans to eventually release an outdoor siren for the Lyric. We don't have an ETA though. Another option would be to wire a wired outdoor siren/strobe to a transformer that meets the specs for the siren you choose and then plug that transformer into a Z-Wave receptacle or plug-in module so that you can automate when the siren has power or not.
Follow up: The DSC # PG9911 siren may not work via Z-Wave. I think the PowerG system is a 2-way, frequency-hopping technology, if memory serves, but I don't know if that's the same as Z-Wave (at this point I seem to know just enough to be dangerously misinformed -- which is why I have found your site, with its super-helpful and speedy communication, so valuable!). Thanks, Nicholas
I am looking for something very much like this --- around 100 dB siren + strobe --, but for exterior use, which this is not designed for. Do you have a recommendation? Elsewhere, I found a DSC product (Wireless PowerG Outdoor Siren, model # PG9911) that is similar, that is spec'd for outdoor use. It communicates via Z-Wave. Could that produce work with a Lyric system, or is there a similar alternative? Thanks very much! - Nicholas
You should be able to enroll it through the Smart Home Settings if you press System Settings > enter your Master Code > Smart Home Settings > Add Devices and then when the system shows the Listening for Devices to Add screen, you would hit the tamper button on the siren for it to enroll.
Could you point me to instructions to pair this siren with my GC3? Do I need Alarmgrid to enable something in my account before I can use this? Thanks.
Thank you.
Yes, this Z-Wave siren does work with the GC3 panel.
Can this be used by 2Gig GC3 panel?
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