Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL

Wireless In-Wall Light Dimmer

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The Lutron PD-6WCL is an in-wall light dimmer switch that lets a user integrate their hardwired lights with a smart lighting setup. With an added Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge, a user can control their lights remotely using the Lutron Mobile App or Apple HomeKit. Buy Lutron In-Wall Dimmer here.
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The Lutron Caseta In-Wall Light Dimmer Switch (PD-6WCL) supports up to 150 watt dimmable LED or CFL bulbs or 600 watt incandescent or halogen bulbs. The ability for this dimmer to operate without a neutral sets it apart from other "smart" dimmers that require this additional wiring step.

The light dimmer switch mounts to the wall in place of a standard light switch. No neutral switch is required, which makes this dimmer almost universal, even in older homes. The in-wall switch has buttons for toggling the lights on and off (top and bottom) and center buttons with up and down arrows for dimming the lights. The dimming ability will rely on the bulbs being dimmable. A Lutron Pico Remote can be used to control the in-wall switch from up to 60 feet away. This is a purely wireless connection, making it a virtual 3-way without the need of a Traveler Wire. This can mean huge savings when it comes to adding 3-way control, as there is no need for an electrician to snake a wire from switch to switch!

Remote access and voice control through a smart assistant both require that a Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge be added to the setup. The bridge requires a hardwired ethernet connection from the WIFI router. Voice commands can be sent through a smart assistant locally, or the lights can be controlled remotely by using the Luton Mobile App or Apple HomeKit. Lutron is compatible with Apple's Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice commands. Since the Honeywell Lyric Security Controller now supports Apple HomeKit on firmware revision 1.07, Lutron Caseta Lights can be integrated in automated rules using Lyric security actions. This means that arming/disarming the system or even opening the front door can be used as trigger points to run a lighting scene or to turn a specific light on or off!

Note: The dimmer can also be integrated with if a Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge PRO is used. Unfortunately, the PRO model is not available for online purchase at this time. But the standard model will work just fine if a user does not intend to use with their Lutron Light Switches.

Brand: Lutron

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Great Lutron Device!
Submitted on 08/18/2020 Alarm Grid

The Lutron Caseta 6WCL is a plug-in dimmer module that is installed in-place of an existing in-wall switch. This will allow for smart control over the connected lights. You will need to use this switch with a Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge for smart lighting control. But once you have a bridge, you will be able to set up an entire Lutron Network of smart lights. Like all other Lutron devices, the Lutron Caseta 6WCL is known for its great build quality, as well as its overall versatility. This device makes a great addition to any Lutron Caseta network of smart lights. It gets a 5-Star rating from Alarm Grid.

There are many positive aspects regarding the Lutron Caseta 6WCL. For one, the device can support up to 150W dimmable LED or CFL bulbs, or 600W for incandescent or halogen bulbs. No neutral wire is required for setup, which is ideal for DIY installers, as well as any user in an older home without a neutral wire. You can even add a Lutron Pico Remote to simulate a 3-way lighting configuration without a traveler wire. As a Lutron Caseta device, you can use this switch with smart home platforms like IFTTT, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. You can even pair it with if you are using a PRO version of the Caseta Smart Bridge. We also love the fact that the in-wall dimmer switch is available in multiple color options. And of course, the device has a great build quality.

There are only a few downsides to the Lutron Caseta 6WCL. As a Lutron device, you can only use the Caseta 6WCL for smart lighting if you have a Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge set up. This is the most important part of the Lutron network, and you will definitely want to get one if you are getting started with Lutron. Like any in-wall switch, the Lutron Caseta 6WCL must be installed. This isn't too difficult, but it will require a screwdriver. Overall, this is a great product, and it gets a 5-Star score from us.

Good: Supports Large Lighting Load, No Neutral Wire Required, Use w/ Pico Remote for 3-Way Setup, Many Compatible Smart Home Platforms, Multiple Colors, Great Build Quality

Bad: Requires Lutron Caseta Bridge for Smart Lighting, Must be Installed

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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